Tips and Tricks Instagram Followers (132K+ Weeky)

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Here are the Tips and Tricks to get 132K+ followers on Instagram weekly. You can boost your Instagram followers in just a week by following these tricks for free. These are official tips, not any hack. We’re not going to share any auto followers, you can get 100% true fans on Instagram by these tips.

Having a few followers on Instagram is no less than a celebrity. If you or your friend have a few followers on Instagram and he calls himself a celebrity, then there is no doubt about it. There is so much power in Instagram that why this popular than all other social media sites. Here we will discuss some such tips and tricks of Instagram. If you follow these tips and tricks on your Instagram, then you will get 100k+ followers in a few weeks.

If you keep uploading photos on Instagram, then it is of no use. It is not only about uploading just photos and videos, some other things have to be added along with it. Here I will tell you examples of how you can increase engagement and reach by adding more things with photos.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

Friends, increasing followers and subscribing is all the game of Reach. What is reach, what is engagement, how do these two things increase followers. And how can we increase followers? Tips and tricks for all these things are given below.

What is reach?

You uploaded 10 pictures to Instagram in 1 day. Only one picture out of 10 got 30 likes. Out of these, the picture on which people has the most likes has more Reach. Meaning that this picture of you went to more people and 30 of them liked it. How many people did your post or your story reach on Instagram, and how many people have reached it, it is called reach.

What are engagements?

When your post or story goes in front of someone and he tampers with it. If anyone sees your picture and reacts to it, then it will be an engagement account. The way how many people react to your post, which has likes or comments, then is the engagement of your post.

Tips and Tricks

After understanding Reach and Engagements, we will discuss here some tips and tricks that will increase your followers. Getting followers on Instagram is not a big deal and none at all. If you work with your mind a little, then you can definitely get 100K+ Instagram followers within a single.

Choose the best

You are going to upload anything whether it is a picture or a video. First of all check that thing whether it is eligible to upload or not. You think if that thing that you upload, if it came in front of you, then what would you react on it. So first of all find the best thing to upload on Instagram.

Attractive graphics

If you upload a video, then put a thumbnail with you. If you do not apply any thumbnail, then from your first 2-3 seconds. So will try to give attractive graphics in this duration. Always try, whatever will attract people. If you have uploaded the picture then apply the same thing there also. Always keep such graphics that touch people’s minds.

Read audience

If you understand the mind of your audience and read it, then you can get followers. You should understand what kind of audience wants to see the content you are creating. Always create content for your audience.

Add captions

Let me tell you what is the use of captions? Understand the caption that starts your conversation. If you write something in the caption that will make someone offend or happy. Always keep such a caption that starts the conversation, after reading which the user can comment on your post.

Use hashtags

Always use hashtags. There is a lot of searching on the hair step. If you apply hashtags with your post, then your post might rank on Hashtag. There are many other benefits of hashtags. Always use hashtags inside your post, your hashtag should be related to the post.


Friends, in today’s article, we solved your question, the post was related to Instagram followers. If you want to increase Instagram followers then here you have got some tips. Apply these tips and tricks to your account, within a few days you will know the difference. We’ll be updating the article and adding more tips to it.

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