Add Download Wait Countdown Page in WordPress? (Timer Before Download)

You’re looking for the best thing, and it can make your revenue 2x more than usual. I’m talking about Download Wait Countdown Page. Let me explain in simple words. This page contains a download button that appears after 15 seconds – the user will have to wait for this download button. This button will be invisible for 15 seconds and it’ll appear automatically after the countdown. So, here I’ll teach you how to add countdown on the download page for the button.

Steps to Add Download Wait Countdown Page:

Step 1: First of all, you’ll need to add code of button, to do this install Ultimate Shortcodes Plugin as I mentioned in the screenshot. Activate this plugin and go post/page where you want to show buttons.


Step 2: This plugin will make this humble change in your post editor – If you are using classic editor then, click on ‘insert shortcode’ (this is the shortcode plugin).

Add Download Wait Countdown Page in WordPressStep 3: Now you’ll see lots of shortcodes to be inserted in your post without coding. You can use them for different purposes, but we are looking for a button. Customize the button, put your file link, and just insert the button.

Add Download Wait Countdown Page in WordPress


Step 4: After clicking on the insert button you’ll be able to see a code like this – don’t touch this code and just go to the Theme Editor>Theme Footer> then look for </body> tag.

Add Download Wait Countdown Page in WordPress


Step 5: Now paste the following script above </body> tag and update the file. You’ve just and a countdown script in your theme. Now just understand the last step and enjoy your countdown.


Last Step: Now you just have to add id=”download” in button – put this ID only on that button which you want to make invisible before the countdown.


Guys, this was a humble article on adding download wait countdown in WordPress page. I’m sure that this method will work for you and you’ll enjoy. Guys, if you have any issue or this method isn’t working then kindly don’t forget to use the comment box. Happy Blogging…

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