Airshou Screen Recorder apk Latest Version

Guys, everyone is looking for a smart recording app but there are thousands of apps. It is difficult to choose the best app. But viewing your choice, and the requirements I’m going to share an interesting app. There is no need to download the modded version of any recorder because this is a totally free app. Let me explain the Airshou screen recorder Apk. 

AirShou Screen Recorder

When you are a technical creator at YouTube, Facebook, or you just have to record your screen then you’ll need to install AirShou. Airshou is a free apk for a mobile device to capture screen. You can share your recorded video, you can edit your video, and you can do anything using this recorder. 
AirShou is also providing, AirShou Screen Mirroring Apk, AirShou Screen Recorder for IOS. You can download all these apps free of cost. But unfortunately, Apk isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You can install it from the given link. 


Installs: 1M+ (Was on Play Store)
Apk Size: 7MBs
Required Version: 4.0 or Above


  • Free (No watermark)
There will be not any hint on recorded video. You can not even think about the recorder’s name. I mean to say that this recorder doesn’t show any icon, logo, or name in any corner of the screen. You can use this app free for a lifetime. Even there is not any premium version of this app.
  • Easy to Use,
This feature makes this app professional. If you are bored with boring features of famous recorder then try this easy screen recorder app to make your life easy. This will not cause time waste because this application doesn’t take time to understand heavy features.
  • Simple,
Simplicity is the most liked feature of the app. As you know that the size of apk file is so small, so there is no waste. The app is easy to understand. It is also easy to make your settings. It easy to choose what you want.
  • Supportive,
Yes, the small size of the app file makes this app supportive. You can use this app on old versions of android. If you can’t afford the mobile with a higher android version then use this app on your smaller android. You can all the important feature of a screen recorder in just 7MBs.
  • MP4, MKV, any Many Formats,
You can select your favorite format of the video to share on the internet. There are approximately 5 to 7 video formats including Mp4, MKV, AVI, and many others. Select only that format that works on your device, like mp4 is my default format.
  • Many Resolution,
Depending on your device there are many basic resolutions for recording screen. For the basic android version, there are 1080p and all lower resolutions. You can select BitRate and all about the video that you need.


Guys, this humble article was on the Airshou recorder app. I have shared every important detail about this app. If you have any additional queries about the app or irrelevant topic then use the comment box. Good Bye, Keep Loving.

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