AnonyTun Apk Download- Best VPN Apk for Android.

Guys, today we are going to sharing another tunneling app. You can use this app for tunneling and VPN purposes. This is free of cost and there are not many annoying ads. Let’s dive into details. 
AnonyTun - Best Tunnelling App for Android.

AnonyTun let you tunnel anonymously. If you are surviving in a country where internet connection is restricted then AnonyTun is here to help you. You can visit any website or app by using this App. It is a problem of every one that some sites and apps are banned in their areas then how they’ll access this website. If your school or office has also banned any website or internet then AnonyTun will help you to unblock it. 

Main Features:

These are some main features of the AnonyTun App. Other features are just like other VPNs.

• Clean and neat design with super user-friendly.


There is not any built-in annoying ad in this app. The design of the ad is very peaceful and app user-friendly even a guy with no knowledge can use this.

• No registration needed.
This app doesn’t require logins and signup. Users can use this app without showing any identity. You’ll not be asked to sign up in the future also.

• No ROOT required.
You’ll need to root your phone. You can use this app on normal cell phone.

• It’s fast, free and secure.
Yes, as it fast it also secures to use. You can use it without any fear. Just install and enjoy your favorite site.
• No Bandwidth limitation (Unlimited Bandwidth).
You can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth with this secure app. You are not limited use to this app. It is fully unlimited. 

• SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and TCP Tunnel.
You can use it for any purpose including SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and TCP Tunnel. There is no need to install a different app for different app.
• Bypass any type of restriction.
You can bypass any type of restriction. You can unblock any type of restriction. 
• It’s Free
It is a totally free app. There is no need to spend I mean waste money on the costly app. Install this and enjoy unlimited for free.


Installs: 10M+
Ratings: 4.4/5.0
Apk Size: 3MB


Guys, this was humble info about the best tunneling app AnonyTun. You can install it free and enjoy unlimited. If you have any other questions then kindly ask me in comments.

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