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We are back with another interesting free TV APK. As you know that we have recently posted and reviewed Abbasi TV APK and today we are going to talk about Arain TV APK. Today in this article we will discuss every feature of this TV app. After reading this article you will be able to use this app perfectly. This article will help you to find out every feature and every hidden trick in this app. As you know that we describe everything about every app so today we will also discuss everything about Arain TV APK.

Arain TV APK

Guys, you know that these days at Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi is trending nowadays in Pakistan. PTV has started dubbing this is drama in Urdu and you can watch it anywhere. Ertugrul Ghazi season 2 is running on PTP home TV channel and on YouTube. But there are many friends who love to watch this drama on their Android application so today we are here with the interesting and the best application for this drama.

Arain TV APK

Arain TV app is one of the best application to watch everything online. You can watch all the Turkish drama in this application for free online. If you are looking for any application to watch sports and entertainment stuff online than this is one of the best applications. There are many Turkish Dramas in Urdu dubbed in this app. And you can also watch Pakistani dramas in this app in full HD. Arain TV APK is very easy to use and watch everything online. There are many short clips videos and dramas movies in this app. Many of our friends are enjoying this app on their Android phone to watch Ertugrul Ghazi drama.

You can also enjoy news sports movie entertainment stuff and all the other online stuff in this app. All the content on this app is very good and in HD. This application is very safe and easy to use. This application does not contain any illegal thing. Every content on this has I have credited to the owner. You can use this application on your Android phone for today for unlimited time there are no purchases in this app.

Key Features

Now after describing the brief intro of Arain TV APK we are going to know about the key features of this app. After deleting the key feature you will be sure to install this app and enjoy everything on your Android. In this paragraph, I will just include some key features of Arain TV, all the other hidden features are this app is in the app you can find them while you are using. So let me explain.

  • Easy to use as one of the best key features of this app. Everything is just take away from your finger. You can explore anything in this app that is life by making a search. You will not need to get any extra knowledge to use this app. Even educated and children can use this app. There is not any confusing or complicating setting in this app, everything is clean.
  • This app is totally free of cost you will not need to purchase AC from anywhere. And even you will not need to purchase any extra offer in this app. The developer of e runs ads to earn money, so he will never ask you to pay any money. Everything in this application is free of cost. All the Dramas and movies are collected in different ways, and everything is going to the real owner of this content.
  • Another interesting feature of this application is that this is a very cute and small application you will not need to downloaded 10 hours it is just second to download it. The size of this application is so small, and it does not use too much space on your phone.
  • One of the best key features is that you can watch everything in full HD results and high-quality audio. There is the Dubbing of many movies and dramas in this app. Basically this application is made for Turkish dramas so you can watch the Urdu dubbing of these dramas.

How to Install Arain TV APK?

To install this app on your Android phone you will need an APK file of this app. First of all download the APK file from the given button below. Just click on it and it will open MediaFire, there you can simply download it.

After downloading the application you will need to install it manually. To do so just find the in APK in your files where you have downloaded it. Just go in file manager and search for that APK. After finding it just click on it. It will ask you to allow something it just allows. This is needed to install an application manually. After this, you can simply click on the install button to install the apk on your Android phone.

How to Use Arain TV APK?

In the key features, I have explained that this application is very easy to use. So you should not worry about how to lose this app. After successfully installing this app simply open it and start using it. On the home page, you will be shown everything in this app. On the homepage every drama and movies sections are different. You can simply go to what you want to watch. You can also search for anything that you want to watch.

Arain TV for iPhone/Windows

If you are looking for the iOS version of this app then it is not possible because the developer has not yet developed it. But there is another solution for you you can search for an alternative application on the iPhone app platform.

But if you want to use this app on Windows then it is possible through any APK player. Yes if you want to use this apk on your PC then you will need an APK player. You can search on Google or YouTube for more information.


Dies this was the humble article about Arain TV Apk, where I have explained everything about it. We have also discussed some key features of this app. Now it is upon you how you use this app. If you have any other question about this app or anything else then you can comment below, I will reply to you as soon as possible. If you liked the article then share it with any of your friends.

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