All SIM Balance Share Methods (Jazz Zong Ufone Telenor Warid)

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In this small article, I am going to tell you All SIM Balance Share Methods (Jazz Zong Ufone Telenor Warid). Though this is very is but sometimes, we forget the method and it may be dangerous because once you have shared the balance on the wrong number then it is not possible to get back.

If you want to share the balance from your account to any of your friend or family member then you can follow these methods, I mean remember these codes or note then in your notepad. So, next time you should not search for this.

Jazz To Jazz Balance Share Method.

Copy the whole code from below to share the balance. Replace the current number with your friend’s number, where you want to share the balance. On the end and before # put the amount to share. You can share Rs-15 to Rs-500 on any Jazz number and Rs-4.77 is tax per share. 
*100*923012345678*500# after this press 1 to confirm.
If you want to request a 5Rs loan from your friend then dial *1112# and enter 5 numbers of your friends. After putting numbers request them all at the same time.

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Zong To Zong Balance Share Method.

If you want to send the balance to your friend or family from Zong to Zong the just dial *828# and after this enter her/his number. After this, you need to enter the amount of balance that you want to share. After the successful transfer – you’ll be charged Rs-2+ Tax.
Sharing Code: *828#
Now, if you want to request balance from someone of your friend or family member then Zong offers you to do this. This is also the same as sending. Dial *829# and enter the number of your friend and after this enter amount that you want to request.
Requesting Code; *829#

Ufone To Ufone Balance Share Method.

Like others, Ufone also offers to share balance on the same network. You can share balance by following the method. 
Dial the code, replace your friend’s number and amount of balance that you want to share with your friend. On every share, you’ll be charged for Rs-2.99+ Tax. 
*828*923301234567*200# after this press 1 to confirm.

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Telenor To Telenor Balance Share Method.

Telenor users can also share 500 to their friends and family. There is also simple methods like the jazz balance share method. Just the copy from below – replace number and amount.

*1*1*923401234567*500# after this press 1 to confirm.

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I have shared the original All SIM Balance share methods with you and I used the unknown numbers in the tutorial. Make sure that you have replaced the current number with the number of your friends, where you want to share. If you any queries or suggestions about balance share then kindly comment here. 

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