Birthday Girl CapCut Template


Friends, are you looking for Birthday Girl CapCut Template? Here we are going to share this template for video editing! This is offered on CapCut.Net and has been used by 356K+ till now — here I am providing you Download Link and other details about this New TikTok Trend!

If today is your birthday or you want to wish your friends. You can do it by creating a beautiful video by CapCut Template. Here is the birthday capcut template for you.

Use Template

This is a free video editing template for CapCut users, you make a video of 00:12 Seconds duration to share it on TikTok. This template is created by MICIN AS and published on TikTok/CapCut, 356K+ used this template to edit videos. If you want to know more and edit a video then check the details below.

Template Overview

Name Birthday Girl CapCut Template
Video Duration {lenght}
Size 3568 KB
Usage 356K+
Publish date October 11, 2022

How to edit a video with Birthday Girl CapCut Template?

Editing video with templates is simple, first of all, click on Download Template (3568 KB) button, and download or open the template in the editor.

  • Choose photos as many as required
  • Mix them, and choose music, you can use the default from author MICIN AS
  • After creating you can save or directly upload to TikTok, template size is 3568 KB but the video will be bigger.

That’s it, if you need extra details or have any questions then drop them in the comments, also support author MICIN AS on CapCut and TikTok!

FAQs about this template

Question 1: Do you need to download Birthday Girl CapCut Template through the link?

Answer: No, you don’t need to Download it, just click Use Template to open it with CapCut.

Question 2: Is this template free?

Answer: Yes, all the templates for CapCut are free, the template created by MICIN AS is also free.

Question 3: Can you use this template on any other app except CapCut?

Answer: No, this template is only created for CapCut.


This was all you need to know about Birthday Girl CapCut Template by MICIN AS. I’ve explained how you can edit videos using this template. If you need more templates then explore more.

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