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New bloggers who have not any perfect skills – are come to search for ” the blog post ideas generator”. They want to know that someone who tells them to write something. Yes, the answer is here – this small article has some helpful tips for you.

I hope that a beginner can create thousands of blog post content from these basic tips. I’ll parcel some astonishing free tools to do research on a word.

Why you need a generator?

Creating a blog is not enough, you have to write something on it. If you are a beginner and do not know how to bring forth many ideas then read it.
Everyone who writes needs to read this article once. His mind will be chilly after reading this article. He will be able to think about a lot of ideas about his work. I’ll show you – how to get unlimited blog post thoughts?

Why can read this article?

Everyone can read this article and generate thousands of ideas to write about anything in the world.

If you are a writer and you write for others then you must read these tips. A writer should have the mind of a director.
If you know about the world then you can compose about the world. If you have a task to about healthy foods then you must need to know about it that what are some healthy foods and who eats what?
So, do research about the task. Check its validity, searching volume, competition d other about your article. If you fill customers’ desire then the customer will fill your pocket.


For this purpose I’ve shared some SEO tools in this, so check them and use them. All the tools are best and well known everywhere.

These are not paid tools, you can use them freely. A beginner should not waste money on the highest-paid tools. You can get all the information about SEO from these tools.
If you are a businessman – and you want to invest some money in your authorship ideas ability then you can get many paid tools to do research on any word.

How to become a blog article ideas generator?

To become a content generator use these tips and break down what you lack. After reading these tips do an investigation into what you found?

1. Keep your niche in mind,

Yes to get good ideas you have to follow your niche, follow means you should keep your niche in mind. First of all, find your goal and then place your goal in mind. Now you have a clear goal – that is what you want.
With this tip, you will get attention to your own niche and subject. If you do this every time your mind will pay attention to your niche.
This tip will refresh your mind to get a new blog article thought. If you are thinking off-niche then you are on the wrong track and will never get success.
You should keep in mind that you are on the one goal, keep thinking about one goal that will give you charming success.
Once you have placed your own niche in your mind then our next step is to get some information about that particular niche. Here are some sources to get info.

2. Search about it,

Not at all, Google will help you, sometimes you should get help from your friends and family about your article.
If you don’t know about the thing and you are not satisfied with Google’s definition then you should ask your family members or any friend who knows better and can help you to realize the problem.
An example is that once you have a question about history you should definitely ask your grandparents for it. Maybe they have something to say.
If you think that they are unknown to your own topic or niche, then ask someone who knows about it. I’m sure that if you’ll work hard for a blog post idea then you will get it.

3. Google it,

Bloggers always want to rank in Google, some like me – are so slow but they want to rank fast.
Once you have found blog article ideas then there may be problems with content. Some like me cannot write much. They can hunt for your article.
Here one thing to keep in mind however you should only get thought about content, you should not copy because this will create a serious problem in the future.
So, Google is only for website post ideas, not for a copy. Read, what they are talking about and how they are presenting the text and ideas.

4. Spy your competitor’s techniques,

‘Site post ideas” is a serious problem for new bloggers. This problem comes when someone jumps into an unknown niche.

Your niche must be the same as your sake and skills.  Someone who has an interest and doesn’t have the skills to rite he/she should follow his/her competitor.

If you are unknown to any niche then you can follow them and watch them that what they’re doing. You can check that what they are writing. What are their main topics, and how they are writing?

Again here, clear your mind that you are following, not copying. Follow mean that, What they are doing and what you have to do. What are some improvements that should be in his/her article?

Blog post ideas generator?

Now after discovering all the information about your niche. Now you know your niche. You have found some ideas to write articles on them.
Now here are some tools to generate more ideas from your own keywords. You can use these tools free of cost.

1. Keyword Planner,

This is a free tool by Google to find all about keywords. With this tool you can do proper keyword research, its search volume per month, paid money on a special keyword, and the business relationship of a keyword in Google searches.

Further, you can check about a particular KW in any country. If you are targeting the particular KW in a particular country then use this tool for free. It just asks login by google.

2. LSI keywords,

LSI stands for -Latent semantic indexing. As I told you that you can check about any keyword in one country from Google keywords planner.
In this tool, you can’t do this but there are other special options on it. There are only some countries. You can check the contention of the keyword in the whole world by this tool.
Like Google, you can check everything here. If you don’t want to log in to Google keywords planner then you can use it without any sign-up or login. There are not many annoying ads and it totally free yet.

3. UberSuggust,

Ubersuggest is a tool by Neil Patel. This is an amazing tool and growing very fast. Like other tools, it tells everything about your KWs.
Further Neil Patel suggests that you can rank or not. How many chances are to rank? How can you rank?  There are many other tools on Neil Patel’s sites. You can check it by visiting.

How to get website post ideas from these tools?

After searching for an ultimate keyword, you can check about it, you can search about it. If you have found a clear keyword then search about it that how many articles can be written in this article.

First, find individual keywords then write a post on its lengthy keywords. I hope that you have found the tip in this article.

So, this was an article about a blog article ideas generator. If you found something good in this post then tell it comment.

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