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Are you looking for bloggingbell.com website apk? Here you can find the blogging bell snack app and snack video app update. Download the bloggingbell app and update your snack app using this. Here is the way to update and get events to make money on the Short Video app SnackVideo. We also have FASPK, FSAPK, SkyTech Tips Snack Video and many more apps, just explore.

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Blogging Bell. BloggingBell.Com, Blogging Bell Snack Video


There are many updates for Snack App that we have shared before. In this article, we are going to state some updates on the bloggingbell.com snack app. You can now make more money about 50,000 PKR monthly. So, let’s start learning how to make money with the help of blogging bell and snack videos?

Blogging Bell Snack App

BloggingBell is a website where you can learn how to make money from Blogging and Snack App? You can get many updates and news on this site including Blogging and SEO tips. There is a new update on the Snack Video app you can now earn 100$ daily using this app. Try this app and start earning money without any physical activity. Sit on your seat and start watching videos, you get rewards for this. Also, share and invite your friends and earn extra awards from Snack Video.

Package Info

App NameSnack Updated
File Size57Mb
Current Versionv3.6.5.477
GenreShort Video

Why choose Snack Video?

Because this app provides you entertainment, fun, emotions, and money. There are many interesting things that will inspire you to work on this app for a long time. You’ll be a fan of Snack Video if you choose it as your short video app. It gives unlimited short videos and you can also make money from this app. That is why you should go for this app.

Is this app free?

Absolutely yes, this app is free and you can also make money on this app without any investment. You just have to create your own videos and make people happy. All the features and options in the app are free, nothing is paid.

Is this App safe?

Yes, this app is also available on the Google Play Store which means this app is safe and secure for every user. Your data and privacy is protected until you unveil them. If your age is not perfect for any kind of content you can skip it, but this app doesn’t approve any inappropriate content. You can also report if anything goes wrong.

Does this app pay?

Of course, this app is paying lots of users and creators from all over the world. Creators are earning money by monetizing their videos and users earn money by watching them. Also, anyone can invite friends and earn money. There are many events in this app, that can help you earn money too quickly.

Key Features

Are you looking for some interesting key features and highlights of the app? Here is it, you can review these features to decide about the app. Explore more features and advanced options later in the app.

  • Free short videos app.
  • Like comment share content.
  • Make MV effect videos.
  • Create short videos fast.
  • Increase your fan following.
  • Try all features free and don’t pay.
  • Make money with interesting options.
  • Monetize short videos and earn money.
  • Enjoy your favourite creators.
  • Watch live videos and shows.
  • Share videos to WhatsApp, save offline.

If you want to know all features then test this app online without creating an account. If you are going to use this app, then share your experience with us.

How to Earn Money from Snack Video?

Blogging Bell. BloggingBell.Com, Blogging Bell Snack Video

Earning money on Snack Video is very easy just create your account and follow these tips to earn your first $1. If you are not earning money from SnackVideo then you are too lazy. This does not require any effort or struggle to earn money. Just a little thing and get up to 50,000 PKR monthly.

  • Sign up for Snack Video.
  • Go to earning Page by clicking the floating icon.
  • Copy your Invite Code and share it with all your friends.
  • Watch and ask your friends to watch videos for 7 days.
  • You’ll get up to 500PKR per invite,
  • 100 invites will make 50,000PKR
  • Also, create your own videos.
  • Upload and earn money creator rewards.
  • Join any family and start getting the salary.

These were some main highlighted options to make money on Snack Video. Follow any of these and start earning a good amount. Good luck.

Download and Update App

Do you want to update the snack app from here? Here is the way to easily update the snack video. Just follow the simple steps that I am going to tell you here. This app is available on Google Play Store and App Stores if you can’t find it. Just download and update the app from this button.

Click on the APK update button below this post and wait for few seconds until the next page loads. Your browser will ask you to allow downloads, just allow and look for the app in your download folder.

If you don’t to how to install or update manually then follow the steps given below. This is the manual method for installing any Android APK. Proceed to the instructions below.

  • Click on the Snack Video APK.
  • Launch Android APK Installer.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” to Proceed.
  • Allow required permissions.
  • Click the “Next” button and then Install.

Done, your apk will be installed in few seconds. Wait for it, you’ll see it in your recently installed apps. Just launch it and start using it, enjoy.


Hope you liked the article, if you are going to enjoy it kindly share your reviews below. We’ve explained every little thing about Blogging Bell Snack Video. Also, I’ve described what is bloggingbell.com and its key features. Don’t forget to share wonderful articles with your friends. In case of any installation error or any other issue kindly contact us, or post a comment.

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