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Caffeine Cut Timer -Cafe Cut Off-


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December 21, 2021
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■ App name
Caffeine Cut Timer -Cafe Cut Off-

■ Overview
It is a time counter application that cuts off caffeine. Over time, the number of cats in the coffee cup will increase, making it a fun habit to cut off caffeine.
By visualizing the results such as the amount of savings and the amount of caffeine that you have endured (including coffee conversion), you can help maintain your motivation to overcome your caffeine dependence.
Change your habits and overcome sleep deprivation and anxiety disorders!

■ Function
・ Confirmation of the period of caffeine cutoff
・ Confirmation of the amount of caffeine that you can endure (converted to the number of coffee cups)
・ Confirmation of the amount of money saved (calculated from the initial input data)
・ Check the change in weight (you can hide it when tweeting with the mark button on the upper right eye)
・ Pixel art animation changes over time (changes depending on the cutoff period)
・ Display advice and information on cutting off caffeine (there are individual differences)
・ Display motivational maxim
・ Share the situation to SNS (Twitter, LINE, Instagram)
-Display animation of dot-painted cats overcoming the temptation of caffeine man
・ EveryDay Omikuji (Today’s lucky meal is also displayed)

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■ How to use
1. First, enter data such as name, frequency of intake, and amount of intake.
(* The entered data is saved only locally and is not known to others.)
2. Press the “Set and Start!” Button to start!
3. Various caffeine cutoff data are automatically calculated and displayed as “results of efforts”.
4. If you are about to take caffeine, press the button to display the great saying (random display).
5. If you want to change the set data, press the “Menu” button on the upper left of the screen to move to the setting change screen and enter it.
6. If you want to share data on Twitter or LINE, press the “Twitter” icon button at the top right of the screen. The cutoff period and screenshots of the app are automatically entered and posted.
7. If you want to hide your weight when sharing on SNS, press the eye mark on the upper right to hide your weight.
8. Tap the effort result panel to move to the Omikuji screen.
9. From the “Weight” button, enter your daily weight and see the difference from your initial weight

■ Number of cat friends (rank over time)
1 animal on the first day
2 animals a day
3 days 3 animals
7 days 4 animals
15th 5 animals
30 days 6 animals
60 days 7 animals
90 days 8 animals
120 days 9 animals
180 days 10 animals (goal !!)

■ BGM / sound effects
Demon Soul
FC sound factory

■ Support
Support is accepted on the website of Nakashin Co., Ltd.
If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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