By | May 1, 2020

Recently we have talked about Care React for Facebook, now we are back with care emoji for WhatsApp. You can also use this hugging and caring emoji in WhatsApp. As you know that WhatsApp updates are too slow, they are not adding any Emoji or Sticker for COVID-19 message. But don’t worry we’ve custom features to create own Emojis and Sticker. We’ve created some beautiful stickers for you to use in WhatsApp.

What is Care Emoji?

People were using SAD emojis for COVID-19. recently Facebook introduced its new reaction for those posts. People can show CARE and Hugs on COVID-19 posts. This is just a new reaction of Coronavirus posts, in which an emoji/teddy-bear is hugging a heart.

Care Emoji Stickers for WhatsApp

These are the three main stickers for WhatsApp. You can download these by click on Images. Just save these stickers to your Gallery and follow the next step to add in WhatsApp.

How to Care Emoji in WhatsApp?

Now we are going to explain how you can use these stickers in your WhatsApp. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy them.

  1. First of you have to save these sticker images in your Gallery.
  2. After this, you should install Personal Sticker for WA.
  3. Then open, you’ll see stickers that you have saved in Gallery.
  4. Just click on ADD to put in WhatsApp

After doing these steps, you can check Care Emojis in My Stickers for WhatsApp. Just add these stickers to your favorite list.


This was the method to use care and hugging emojis in your WhatsApp. We know, that this is not an official sticker by WhatsApp but we have a heart. So, for your happiness, we made these stickers. If you have any other problem or issue then kindly comment here. Keep sharing with your friends.

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