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Top 3 Android Apps for WhatsApp

Today, we are going to share some supportive android apps for WhatsApp. If you are a fan of android OS then these apps can help you in many fields. If you are using WhatsApp on your android then here in the list – one app is for WhatsApp. One app is to make the use… Read More »

Reset mobile without going into settings (Hard-Reset)

  How to reset the phone? Many of my friends were facing some issues regarding mobile factory reset options, they think there only one option to factory reset phone. They are wrong, there are other options for resetting your phone. Today I’ll tell you how to reset mobile without going into settings. Forgot pattern, pin… Read More »

Samsung Secret Codes 2020 (New List)

  Hey! I’m writing this informative article for you because many Android users are unknown about their mobile activities. If your phone was under the control of any other person, maybe children or any friend then how could you know what happened with my phone?    The answers of these questions are in this article.… Read More »

Volume Key Tricks (Useful) – Hidden Android Tricks

  Volume up and volume down is the main advantage that we get from volume buttons. Every person uses these buttons for volume management, but we can get more tasks from these buttons. We can use these buttons for factory reset, solving some problems, and most for security. Yes, you can use these buttons for… Read More »

Sim Card Removed Error Samsung (Fixed)

You can do 3 things to fix the Sim Card Removed Error in Samsung or on any other device. In this article, I’ll tell you 3 simple tricks/methods to get rid of this error. I was facing the same error on my Samsung Galaxy J2. I am sure that – you may be having the same… Read More »

Detect Issues In Used Mobile (Buying Second-hand Mobile)

Today in this post, we’ll learn how to detect issues in used mobile (second-hand). There may be many faults in second-hand mobile, the shopkeeper will never tell you about these faults, he will tell you attractive things about his phone. Don’t worry, I’m telling you about some bad faults of the used phone in this… Read More »