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How to Create Link Ads in AdSense? (Easy Guide)

Google AdSense does not let you create link ads because they have removed this option in their previous updates. But some are using this ad unit after an update, and they are earning more clicks from these ads. If there is no Link Ads option in AdSense, then what should we do?    Don’t worry about… Read More »

How to Submit Sitemap to Google? (Simple Guide for Blogger)

If this is your first blog/website and you just started your blogging career. After creating a blog everyone wants to show his/her site in Search Engines (especially Google). Here we’ll learn how to submit sitemap to Google? We’re here to help you with just some simple steps. There are many articles on Google but they… Read More »

How to Increase Page-Loading Speed in Blogger?

In this article, I’ll tell you about some common things to increase page-loading speed in blogger. By reading this article you can increase your website speed. So read it carefully and apply this formula to your website and get better speed. Speed – the loading time of your blog is a very important role in… Read More »

What are meta tags and their importance in 2020

Many other blogger and writers told you about meta tags but today we are going to talk about what are meta tag and what is their importance nowadays. In many social media post and some bloggers’ post, I have read that meta tags have no longer important. But I think this idea is only for pro-blogger, every new blogger should take… Read More »

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