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This was too hard in the past but in the world of online, it is too easy. I think I’m talking about changing the background of any picture. If you any photo with a bad background then these online tools can help you to remove that background. Here is how to change the background of the picture online?
change background of the picture online


How to use Online Background Changer?

You’re not going to work on Photoshop – it is just an online software that works automatically. There is not any big procedure to change or remove the background of any image. 
Just go on any of your favorite websites and upload your photo. It will upload and process your photo in seconds. Software on their server will remove the background of your image and it will send you back to download. 
  • Go to any of website from the list. 
  • Click on upload and select your photo from your gallery.
  • It will start uploading your photo. 
  • In 5-10 seconds, processing will be ended.
  • Now, this tool will let you download your (Background removed)photo.

Is this safe to upload photos?

If you’re trying any new tool then you must read their terms and condition, disclaimers, and privacy policy page. But if you don’t have time to read them then you can trust trusted and branded tools. But, on which you can trust, you should trust those tools, which are used and recommended by experts. But I recommend you to read the privacy policy of any website before using their services. 

Sorry, we are going out of our main topic. Yes, you can trust and use these tools without any fear. These are free tools and many people are using these tools. If the company do anything wrong to its user then they can’t run their products more. 

How to set a custom background?

  • If you have your own background photo to set then Install Picsart to do so. 
  • After installing picsart open it and select your background photo. It will be opened in an editor. 
  • Just click on add photo – select your PNG (Photo that has no background) and set it as you want. The detail is in Video.

List of Background Changer. 


This was the little information about changing or removing the background of any picture. I explained the steps on how to change the background of the picture online and some important talks that you must know. 

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