How to Change Font in the Facebook Post?

Do you Wanna Change font in the Facebook post? If yes then read this article. This is a newsworthy idea to change the font of your post on Facebook to give amazement to your friends. 

As you know that there is only one dull font on Facebook and Mr. Zucku is not going to give some fascinating and fashionable fonts for Facebook fans. 

Now we have to interrupt the rule, we are going to convert the font in Facebook posts and other places where we can type text. Are you ready and waiting for it?

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How to change the font in the Facebook post?

To change the font in your posts and statuses you just have to make little effort – the effort is, download this Facebook font changer or visit online font changer.  The application will work online and offline too. 
But you to turn on your data connection to access our online font changer. This is a good recommendation to download an offline app for android. 
If you just want to change the font for one time then you can use this online for the changer. These are all free of cost.

Just open any font changer – online or open our app. After opening one of them you can see there – there are some fonts to change. 

Just type your text there – and click the change font button under the top text area. 

Your text is changed to stylish – I mean your simple font is changer in stylish. 

Just select and copy your stylish text and paste on the facebook post. Now your facebook font is changed. 


This was a humble trick for you. We learned how to change the font in a Facebook post. I have shared two methods in the post. One of them is a humble app and another one is our online font changer. 

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