How to create Custom Care Emoji Memes

As we know that Care Emoji by Facebook is a hot topic on social media. Everyone is posting something about care emoji. Meme makers are making memes but you still don’t know how to create custom care emoji? Don’t worry, today we are going to learn the easiest way to create a meme of care emoji.

Now I’m going to tell you how you can create a custom meme from care emoji. So, let’s start. First of all, you need Pixellan or Picsart to make this emoji. After this, you can download the material from below. Just follow these simple steps to create your custom meme.

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How to create Custom Care Emoji?

Guys these are simple steps to do this, you can save all the things as you are learning. You’ll just need hands PNG that you can save from below.

  1. Install Picsart or Pixellab on your phone.
  2. Open your phone edit on your phone.
  3. Now open real EMOJI on the main layer.
  4. After this just add the second layer of your item which you want to hug.
  5. Now on 3rd layer of the image add this HANDs PNG.

Done, now you can save your custom EMOJI after managing your item at the perfect place. Don’t forget to manage layers and items in the right place. You can see LIVE that how your emoji looks. So, it should look professional Emoji.


Guys, this was a humble article on how you can create custom memes of facebook care emoji. If you really enjoyed this article then kindly comment below. Further, if you have any other question then also comment. Please, don’t forget to do subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Keep loving, Keep Learning…

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