Detect Issues In Used Mobile (Buying Second-hand Mobile)

Detecting Issue In Used Mobile, issues in used mobile, second hand mobile issue

Today in this post, we’ll learn how to detect issues in used mobile (second-hand). There may be many faults in second-hand mobile, the shopkeeper will never tell you about these faults, he will tell you attractive things about his phone. Don’t worry, I’m telling you about some bad faults of the used phone in this article. So, you can check them easily you may liven up from trepan.

1. Checking Warranty.

First of all ask the shopkeeper about the mobile phone warranty, if it is in, then check its IMEI number by dialing command given below.


Match IMEI number of mobile with packing box if he gives you. You can also verify your IMEI online on this Website.

2. Checking battery Problem.

To check mobile battery life or any battery problem turn on Mobile’s sleep mode or stand by mode. Get in stand by mode by power button it not for any mobile. You can also check it by removing the battery. 

Note the percentage of battery then remove the battery for 5 minutes. Put the battery again and turn it on and check the percentage of battery now. If there is a difference of large number 4 or 5 then don’t buy it is graining battery and it may be a fault in battery or on the circuit.

After this check charging time. Connect mobile a healthy charger for 5 minutes of clock. Disconnect after 5 minutes and how much percentage it has increased, if there is 5% exceed then it is good. On 1% or 2 %, it may be a fault in the charger or in the battery.

3. Call quality and signals.

The main and serious parts of every mobile are mic and speaker. This is a basic need for every phone. You can bear every problem with the phone but the call problem is very irritating.

On this pass check Mobile’s mic by calling friends from newly bought mobile. Make a gossip of 5 minutes with him to check the validity of mic and speakers. If there is any crushing in outgoing or incoming then don’t buy. Ask your friends (on-call), is he listening to you easy.

The second part is to check the signals. Keep mobile in a certain place and note signals changing time and numbers of fluctuation. If it drops signals per minute then don’t buy. There may be an issue in the signal circuit.

4. Checking software.

Here software means your mobile apps speed. You can check your software by using high apps if there is internet or wifi then turn it on and open a heavy browser (Mobiles’ own or chrome). 

Open any web site, for example, go on and check page speed. If it opens in half of the second or in a second then it good. If it is hanging on or speed is very slow then don’t buy. 
There may be an issue of signals or network speed or any other problem. It may hurt you later. Make sure that the internet is working fine and mobile software has no issue. If it hangs for moments then there is a problem in its software.

After this check its WIFI connecting issue. If it keeps reconnecting then there may be an issue.

5. Other commons issues.

Check SIM cards sockets properly and SD card socket carefully. Insert SIM cards and SD cards and check them. Check mobile’s internal storage by following steps,

Go in – Settings
Search storage option there.
You should check all input plugs. Connect your headphones and check for any music.
Deal with him (shopkeeper) and buy it at an accurate cost.

In this post, I have shared some tips to detect issues in used mobile. If you need further help then kindly comment. 

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