Earn 200$ from SnackVideo (*New Feature*)

Do you want to earn money from SnackVideo App? I’m sure that you came here from Sajal Tv, Urdu Techy, APK Signs, FiCoder, APK Free Tips, APK Cycle, APK Science, PakBuck, and other channels. On these channels, you can see how much people are earning money from Snack Video App.

Download SnackVideo APK now and try the tricks I am going to share with you. You can use these Snack Video Earning Tricks to make your pocket money from SnackVideo App. Let me explain how to earn money from Snack Video Pakistan.

Snack Video Earning Tricks (1)

Snack Video is supporting creators on this platform. There are many tech creators like it. Urdu Techy by Zafran, who showed that everyone can earn thousands from this app. APK Free Tips and APK Signs are promoting its features like how to earn weekly prizes.

How to Earn Money from SnackVideo?

First of all, let me tell you. This app is a 100% unique way to make money from it. This app officially offers creators and users to earn money from it. If you are none of them don’t worry I am here to tell you how you can earn money from this app. I’ll also answer some of your relevant questions.

Snack Video Earning Tricks (Events)

Without wasting time I am telling you what are some fast ways and tricks to earn money on Snack App. Many of our YouTubers and blogs like APK Signs, APK Free Tips, and Urdu Techy explain how to earn money? But in this article, I am going to give you the latest information about the app. Here is the list of permanent and some events in the SnackVideo App.

  1. Watch more videos.
  2. Create videos.
  3. Complete daily tasks.
  4. Invite your friends.
  5. Share on WhatsApp and FB.
  6. Invite 5 Friends, Earn 7000 Rupees.

Now I am explaining these events and features. These are official tricks to make money with Snack Video.

Watch more videos

Watching videos is the main thing in this app. You’ll install this app to watch videos, but besides this, you can earn some money. Anyone on this app, who is watching videos can get cash prizes. Watch videos for 15 minutes daily and get Coins. Coins will be exchanged with real money in the morning at 8 A.M.

Create videos

This can be considered as a SnackVideo monetization feature. Now Snack Video monetizes some of your videos depending on some factors. In your profile, you can see creator rewards options. Your monetized videos will be added there. Just create original high-quality videos.

Complete daily tasks

Daily tasks are the more important things in this app. You can complete small daily tasks and enjoy earning on Snack. Every user gets a task every day. Just look out the earning page daily and check new events.

Invite your friends

Inviting your friends can boost your earnings daily. If you have some friends and family members who haven’t yet joined the snack family. Just invite them and ask them to put your referral code in their profile. This will boost you and the invited person’s earning. Invite more people as much you can invite.

Share on WhatsApp and Facebook

Sharing anything on WhatsApp and Facebook is a very simple task. This can help you to earn more money from SnackVideo APK. Snack App gives you an option to share moments on WhatsApp and Facebook. This action will give you money.

Invite 5 friends and earn 7000 Rupees

This is another latest feature that can help you to make 7000 Rupees = 44$ from Snack Videos. Snack presents you with a new weekly feature/event that lets you make a huge amount. Now, just invite 5 friends, ask them to paste your Bind code, and earn.


Guys this was an article about SnackVideo, its earning tips, and tricks. I hope you enjoyed and learned how to earn money using this app. I’ve shared every possible and true information with you. If you have any questions then you can ask me in the comments. Please share this info with your friends and family. So, they should also earn some money using this info.

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    1. Plz Sir help me . I have earn many coins or withdraw money.from snack video.plz help me .I will be very thanks full to u.plz

  1. 1. The invitation code is [479 461 319].Copy the whole text to the clipboard.2. Tap the link below to open/install Snack. (recommend way)http://sck.io/q43dJXiR

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