How to edit Blogger Template? Step by Step Guide

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Hi guys! how are you I hope that you are are are fine as you know that in my last post I have told you about some blogger tutorials? Now I am going to start some blogger tutorials. In this article, I will tell you about how to upload a custom theme in a blogger and how to customize the blogger template with HTML or in layouts. 


There are two ways to edit the blogger template one of them is in layout. A layout is an option in blogger settings and another one is HTML Editor. HTML Editor is also an option in blogger Theme settings. First of all, we are going to learn how to edit or customize the template in Layouts. In the second post, I’ll teach you about HTML editing.


Steps to Edit blogger template.

  • Layouts.

A layout is an option in the blogger dashboard. We can customize our website that how our websites look, how many gadgets we want to show on our website, how many posts we want to show on our website and how people can see our website. All these options we can customize in layouts. Layouts option is very easy for a beginner. A newbie can make their website more beautiful by customizing.

  • Uploading Custom template.

To edit layouts first of you have to download a good blogger template you can use the default template on Blogger. If you want to upload a custom template then download it from or any other website. To upload go in the theme section of the blogger dashboard. Here you can see the download and backup option in the corner. Just click on it and upload an XML file of your theme. After uploading you can edit it in layouts.

As on our list main menu is first. You can edit your website’s main menu by layouts. In some cases, you cant edit it here because of your theme permissions.  If it doesn’t then you can learn about HTML editing in our next post.

  • Main Menu.

In layouts click on the main menu and then you will see some click items by default. You can delete then customize them as you wish. This is very simple just add any of your website’s page link and page’s name. Your value that you have entered in this will be shown in the main menu as a menu item.

  • Top Menu

Our next option in Layouts is the top menu. The top menu is where you want to show your important pages like about us and the contact page. Just copy your pages URL and paste in layouts and save it. Your value will be shown in the top menu.

  • Sidebars.

There may two sidebars in layouts. It depends on your template coding. Some templates may have two sidebars and most of the templates keep only one sidebar. Sidebar means where your gadgets will be shown. To show any gadget click on the add button in layouts there are 40 default gadgets in blogger. You can add them and edit more.

If you want to add custom gadget then code it. Code it, mean you have to make it or you can find it on the Internet.

  • Mobile menu.

As you know that all blogger templates are not the same. Many templates show the same menu in mobile and desktop version but some may have it different. You can customize it like the main menu. Just paste all your favorite URLs in these menu items. These values will be only shown in the mobile version of the page but you not will able to see it on desktop.

  • Footer section.

There is is no difference between the editing of the sidebar and the footer section. If your template is free to mean that you don’t have the premium version of the template then you should not edit this. You should add your important page’s links here if need otherwise leave it blank.

If your blogger templates it premium then it edits and pastes your own copyright here in the footer.

  • Blog.

Our last and important option is the blog. Blog means how your posts will look on your website. You can click on the edit blog button in the lower section of the blog. Here you can see many options to show and hide in blog posts. If you want to show them just check the button if you don’t want to show then leave it unchecked.

You can show and hide here these things.

  • Home page options,
  • Number of posts to show on the home page,
  • Post link text,
  • On post page options including, comments, tags, reactions, related posts, share buttons, author profile, author name, and date, etc.

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