ENC Application Form (Electricity New Connection)

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ENC meter is here for you. Just apply ENC Application and get your meter within weeks. Electricity New Connection was the problem before the internet. Apply for Electricity New Connection using this Application form and Connection. If you’re you are looking for the Wapda ENC Application form, then stay tuned. Here I’ll explain everything your need to know about Electricity New Connection in Pakistan. You can get ENC in MEPCO or GEPCO, you can find any of your near companies for new connection of electricity.

Before the technology is raised, we have to visit the company offices and govt offices for getting ENC. But govt now has simplified the way of getting a new connection. Now you can simply fill the online form and apply for your new meter. If you are still visiting the offices then stop using the Android phone. Because everything you need to apply for a meter is available on your phone. Just read the guide below and get your ENC.

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ENC Application is available on the official website of Govt. But you must read the explained guideline before applying for your new connection in Electricity. There are various ways of applying for a new meter online. But get detail of the easy one below. Download the ENC Application from the official web portal of Govt if available, but you don’t need it. Just apply for it by the following method.

ENC Application

You can get an application for connection at https://enc.com.pk/ – visit for getting official details. In case of not understanding read the textual guide below. This is the official website of the ENC application where you can apply for a WAPDA meter online. If you have an android phone or internet on PC then apply for your new connection sitting at home. This is a simple and easy way to get a fast new meter for your home or business shop.

What is ENC?

ENC stands for Electricity New Connection. In past, we have to visit the offices with papers for the new meter. Now govt has modernised the public and gave the new method to apply for Electricity New Connection. Using the internet on mobile or computer you can apply for ENC online. This works 100% truly and is trusted. There is nothing fake in this news that you can apply for New Connection sitting at home.

ENC Application Form

If you are here to apply for Electricity New Connection then just try any of these methods. I’ve also described the old fashioned method to tell you the importance of new ways.

Visit Official Website

If you are unaware of the connection company then simply visit the homepage of https://enc.com.pk/ ENC website. After opening the website you’ll various menus just find the company near you. If you don’t see anything relevant to you then try the next method.

Check Particular Site

If you know the company name of electricity in which you want new connection then try searching your company website on the Google. You’ll see the official and original website on the 1st position. Go on the website and search for the ENC application form. You can apply using this form, get the form detail below.

Old Method

If online not works for you then try this old method of getting a new connection. This is because sometimes documents get rejected or registration failed. Check the status of your ENC or visit the nearest office of WAPDA. You can also contact on the number of your particular company.

How to Apply for ENC?

You can apply for Electricity New Connection using the form from the given sites. If you don’t know how to fill the form or apply for Electricity New Connection then just follow these steps.

  • Find the ENC Application on the Website.
  • Visit the All-in-one Web portal and fill the form.
  • Select the connection type and,
  • Select your area and company name.
  • Enter basic details like name and address.
  • Fill the whole with correct information.
  • Provide working contact details.
  • Primary and secondary contact details.
  • Provide witness’s CNIC and address.
  • Attach neighbours information and bill copy.
  • Provide your own CNIC copy.
  • Agree with all terms and conditions and Submit.

Great, you’ve successfully submitted your new connection form. Now wait and keep checking the status of your application. You can make sure that your application has been received by contacting the company.

ENC Companies Website

If you are unable to find your company official website then get it here. This is the list of all Pakistani ENC companies, you can visit your company site separately.

  • FESCO: http://fesco.com.pk/newconnection.asp
  • GEPCO: http://www.gepco.com.pk/NewConnection.aspx
  • HESCO: http://www.hesco.gov.pk/newconnection.asp
  • SEPCO: http://www.sepco.com.pk/index.php/downloads
  • IESKO: https://iesco.com.pk/new_connection.php
  • KE: https://www.ke.com.pk/customer-services/new-connections/new-connection-form/
  • LESCO: http://www.lesco.gov.pk/Registration/Apply_Online.asp
  • MEPCO: http://www.mepco.com.pk/document/new-connection-form
  • PESCO: http://www.pesco.gov.pk/new_conn_procedure.asp
  • QESCO: http://www.qesco.com.pk/New_Conn.aspx
  • TESCO: http://tesco.gov.pk/index.php/form

Copy the whole URL/Link of your website and open it in Google Chrome or any supported browser. If your’s company site is missing or not working then try comment below this post.


I’ve explained everything and provided all the info about ENC and the application form. If you need more details then kindly comment below this post and wait for a reply. In case of any mistake in form or info kindly contact the official email of the ENC website. Share this article with the person who is searching for New Connection help.

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