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Are you having an older version of android? Do you want to customize your Android mobile style? Do you want to stylize your smaller version of android? If yes. then don’t skip this article. This article will tell you how to change the style of your android and make just like an advanced version of android by installing Evie launcher apk. 

Evie Launcher App Download 2020


Evie Launcher 2020

Yes, this is the app that I am going to tell you about to customize your older version of android. Evie Launcher helps you to change the style of your android phone. If you want some changes your phone then install this app and enjoy the latest features of android. Read more about this and decide what to do?


Universal Search – do you know about universal search? No? Wait… Universal search means that you’re going to from your whole device including your apps, settings, and files. This feature did not build-in for my device but now I am enjoying this.
Swipe-Up – It is a built-in feature in the latest devices but if you are using the old device then you can install this. This is the main I mean key feature of this application. You can open your app drawer by just swiping up. 
Personalize – yes you can personalize your home, layouts, wallpapers, app drawer, dock, and more things. You can easily make your phone just like a newer version of android. 


Installs: 5M+
Apk Size: 6MB
Ratings: 4.6/5.0
Required Versions: 4.4 (minimum)


Guys, this was a humble article about Evie Launcher Apk. If you really enjoyed then kindly share your experience. I’m always active for you here. You can message me at any time if you are having any problem.

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