Expanding Windows Files Stuck at 0% Error in Windows 7 [Fixed]

This is a very irritating and unknown (Expanding Windows Files Stuck at 0%error that occurs while updating or installing windows 7 on your PC or laptop. I was also frustrated because of this error on my HP PC. But know I have found some tricks to fix this error. If you’re here to find the perfect solution then this humble article will help you better. Take a look, and try to understand. 

What is this Error?

I don’t know very much about this error but it is my duty to say about it – this is an unknown error. This may occur due to missing files, slow speed of PC, bad chips and plugs, and many others. Don’t waste time learning about error just read solutions and fix it. 

You can try,

Changing Windows CD – Yes, a news windows CD (updated) will reduce your confusion. Sometimes, old windows CD may be crashed. So you should try any trusted windows CD version. Try to buy a suitable version looking at your PC specifications. 

Changing Priority – can help you to boost the speed of your task. Windows installing works as a task on your PC. When you change the priority of setups installing task then it will affect the installation. It worked for me many times. You can easily do this by, 

Press Shift+F10 – this will open command prompt – then type taskmgr there and it will open task manager. Then go in the processes, you’ll find setup tasks, right-click and select priority option. Make a change in priority and see what happens. 

Unplugging Cables – if you don’t want to bring your PC to PC’s shop then try this simple trick. Just unplug all the USB cables, and Voice input and output. This worked for me some customers. 


Guys, this was a humble post about expanding windows file error in windows 7. I hope that this will help you to solve your problem. If it doesn’t work then kindly explain your issue in the comment. I’ll definitely reply to you as soon as I see. Keep sharing.

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