By | May 1, 2020

We were using SAD emoji for COVID-19 posts but now we are no longer going to use SAD emoji for posts like these because Facebook has introduced CARE emoji for COVID-19 posts. If you see any post about COVID-19 and you feel sad for it then you can react CARE on it instead of SAD.

Now we are going to discuss how you can get or enable CARE to react on Facebook. It’s so easy but you have to understand it. Guys, when Facebook makes an update it takes time to send to everyone. First of all, BETA tester checks for updates, and then everyone can get the UPDATED version.

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Video Tutorial:

You can also check this video. In this video, you can check how this emoji looks and works. You can also know how to join the BETA program.

How to get Facebook Care Emoji?

Now if you want to get facebook care emoji then just follow these easy steps and wait for your time. As I told you that Facebook updates work slowly, so don’t be curious just wait. You can do these steps.

  1. Go on the Play Store.
  2. Install or Update Facebook App (Lite: Recommended)
  3. Join the BETA program below the Developer contacts.
  4. Keep restarting Facebook App – you’ll get it soon.

Still Not Getting?

If you are not getting care to react after doing all these things, then just wait or try any other account. Sometimes, one account can’t get updated, you should check any other account in your family. You can also make any temporary account or get from a friend.

Is there any issue in Phone, or Account?

No, there is no issue or problem in your Facebook App, account, or your phone. You shouldn’t worry about anything you’ll get CARE emoji soon when Facebook is completely updated.

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Here we have discussed Facebook Care emoji, How to enable Care React, and many more. This is just true information. If you have any other issues or problems, then you comment here.



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