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Facebook stylish name generator:

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Recently we have released two tools for you. One of them is the Facebook name generator app and another one is an online font changer.  Today, we are to discuss all of them – including how to use them, what is this, and many more. 

If you have not downloaded the humble app yet then first install this app and then read the article. If you don’t want to install the app then you can use our online font changer. 

If you just came here to know how to create a stylish name id then you can watch our video or this written article on how to create a stylish name account on Facebook.

What is HumbleApp?

HumbleApp is a professional for changing the font of the text. You can use the changed font in your Facebook posts, Instagram posts, or anywhere you want. 
This app is developed by us – we made this app only for those friends who love our Facebook tricks. We work on Facebook tricks and apps like this. 
This is Facebook acceptable stylish name generator – whenever you want to change your name into a stylish name you will need this font generator. 
In this font generator, you can generate 7 to 10 acceptable fonts for your Facebook name. We are working on some other fonts. Soon, we’ll add them to our online font generator

Main Purpose of HumbleApp:

The main purpose of the humble app is just to provide you fast service. Our friends feel difficulty while they change their name into a stylish name. 
They have to find any online site to change the font style of their text. One of our friends requested us to make an app for changing the font. 
This app is targeted for those friends who stylish accounts and they work on Facebook tricks. Changing acceptable font was difficult before we made the app – but now it easier to change the style of font. 
Others also can use the app to convert the simple font into a stylish font.  You can use it for making your stories more stylish, for making your text more stylish.

How to download and install?

Sorry, the HumbleApp is not on Google Play Store because we don’t have a console account of play store but we are going to buy it soon. 
If you are interested in our app then you can download it from MediaFire. Visit our this download page to get the app and know more about this app. 
Because this app is not on Play Store, Play Protect will show you a warning during installing of this app. You can choose Install anyway. 
The process of Installation is the same as you install the downloaded apps. Just click on the apk file of the app, then a window will be open. You just have to check ☑ the unknown sources. After clicking on the install button, the app will be installed in a few seconds. 
The use of this app is very simple and easier than finding an online font changer. If you have used our online facebook font changer then just note that use of both is the same. 
Just open the app → enter your text in top box → click on the change font button → copy the stylish text → and paste where you want to use that stylish font. 


Friends this was a simple introduction about the humble app. We have told everything that you need. I hope that you’ll like this article. 
If you have any question regarding facebook tricks or this app then comment below – Bye.

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