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Color Codes For Facebook [Post and Comments]

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In my last post, I have told you that in this series of Facebook tricks we will learn many Facebook tricks. In the last post, we have discussed stylish font and temporary mail. But today’s topic is very amazing – we are going to share some color codes for Facebook.

I’m using these tricks for many years but I am sharing them on this blog today. I have shared it on my older blog.

This is a very cool trick and all of you guys are going to enjoy this trick. Sometimes, you have to fetch the attention of people on Facebook – to fetch it use these attractive color codes.

Actually, Facebook Color Codes are language codes that work to change the color of a font. You can also change the background color of your font.

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How Change Facebook Font Color?

To change Facebook font color you have to follow one step.

Just below – copy all the codes and save them into your notepad.

Go on Facebook and type your post.

Then copy one code from them and paste it just before the post.


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Now click post to post your status. It will be changed automatically.

How to change the background color?

This is also very simple. You can follow the steps in screenshots.

Just in code change the “FG” to “bg” then post your status, your text background color will be changed.


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All these codes will only work on the Facebook lite version or on Java Symbian mobile. These codes will not work on the Facebook official app or your Browser.

Color Codes For Facebook:

<fg=b000ffff>                               Aqua
<fg=b0000000>                            Black
<fg=b00000ff>                             Blue
<fg=b0a52a2a>                            Brown
<fg=b0d2691e>                            Chocolate
<fg=b00b22222>                          Fire Brick
<fg=b0ffd700>                              Gold
<fg=b0808080>                            Gray
<fg=b0008000>                            Green
<fg=b04b0082>                            Indigo
<fg=b0f0e68c>                             Khaki
<fg=b07cfc00>                             Lawn Green
<fg=b000ff00>                             Lime
<fg=b0ff00ff>                               Magenta
<fg=b0191970>                            Midmight Blue
<fg=b0000080>                            Navy
<fg=b0808000>                            Olive
<fg=b0ffa500>                              Orange
<fg=b0da70d6>                             Orchid
<fg=b0cd853f>                             Peru
<fg=b0ffc0cb>                              Pink
<fg=b0800080>                            Purple
<fg=b0ff0000>                             Red
<fg=b02f8b57>                            Sea Green
<fg=b0a0522d>                           Sienna
<fg=b0c0c0c0>                            Silver
<fg=b000ff7f>                             Spring Green
<fg=b04682b4>                           Steel Blue
<fg=b0d2b48c>                           Tan
<fg=b0008080>                           Teal
<fg=b0ff6347>                             Tomato
<fg=b040e0d0>                            Torquoise
<fg=b0ee82ee>                            Violet
<fg=b0f5deb3>                             Wheat
<fg=b0ffffff>                                 White
<fg=b0ffff00>                                Yellow
<fg=b09acd32>                             Yellow Green

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