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Recently we have reviewed the Niazi TV app, but today we are going to share a wonderful free tv app with you. Fun Tv is also just like Niazi tv but there are some differences in their features. In this article, we are going to discuss all the features of this app. 

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Like Niazi TV app, it works free on Jazz the network of Pakistan. If you are living in Pakistan then you can enjoy all the Pakistani channels free – without subscribing any data bundle. 

This app also is developed from where the Niazi TV developed. I mean this is developed by AppCreator24 – this is a free service for developing an android app. If you want to create your app in an easy way then just go AppCreator24 and develop the wonderfull in just simple steps. 

If you are here just to download the app then just open Google Play Store and type fun tv – you’ll find the app, or click on Download button to download the app. 

fun tv, download fun tv, free tv app


Features of Fun TV:

→  Movies channels
→  Dramas channels
→  News channels
→  Shows channels
→  Sports channels
→  Gaming channels
→  Songs channels
All these channels are working free on fun tv app – you can watch them free on Jazz, if you are having any data bundle then it will not be consumed because these are free tv channels. 
Read about the Niazi TV app.

Users Reviews:

Because this also Niazi TV app – all the users react like that, they love the app if this is working free on their mobile. They’ll abuse if it is not working. They don’t know what is happening behind. 
This was a humble review about fun tv app – if you are going to download the app download the enjoy the app if the channels are working free. Other join them.

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