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You don’t know why your site ranking is being decreased. If you want to know, how your Google is treating your site, then these free tools can help you to check any penalty on your site ranking. In this article, I’m going to share some free penalty checker or Google Spam Score Checker tools. 


What is the Spam Score?

When you do something wrong in SEO or you try to rank in Google by wrong ways then Google banned or blacklist your site and your spam score will be increased, you can check it on Moz Spam Score Checker or you can use this free tool. 
Actually, spam doesn’t decide your ranking in Google. It just to measure your spam. You can remove bad links, check your penalties, avoid over-keywording, and follow white-hat SEO.

Top 3 Free Google Spam Checker,


After discussing some important things, we should come to our point. Check these free tools and control your rankings. 




Website SEO Checker:


This is a free tool to check all about your site.  You can fix all issue by their guidelines. 
This website shows you everything about your site including, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Number of links from other sites, Quality backlinks, Off-page SEO percentage, Spam Score of your site in Moz, Age, and Alexa ranks.

Moz Link Explorer:

The first tool of our list was easy because it gets data from other sites and shows it to you. But where it gets, they Moz and SEMrush SEO tools. But if you can’t afford these paid tools then you can use their free trial versions. Moz allows a good offer for every new user.
In Moz, you can check the spam score of your site, and it will tell you why your spam score is being increased. You can check all the bad links from other sites, and the reasons for the Spam Score. After checking the bad links you can remove them by asking the admin of the website or you can disavow bad links.

Google Penalty Checker:

This is only one dedicated tool for a penalty checker. If you have fear of any penalty by Google then you can clear your fear by putting your URLs or domain in this tool.
As a result, this tool will tell you that is your site penalized, as you know that its own name is, Is My Website Penalized. After checking, if you come to know that your site is penalized by Google then you can do any possible trick you get rid of this penalty.


Guys, this was just a humble article about the top 3 spam testing tools. If you have found something wrong about your website then kindly tell me. I’ll try my best to solve your issue.

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