By | October 11, 2019
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We all know that Facebook is the largest social website and a huge number of people visit Facebook daily. Now it has become our routine to visit facebook every day. Some of us visit for business, and some of us visit for fun. If you want to make more fun then try this gun emoji on facebook and make fun with your friends. We can many things this emoji, we can show hates, we can make fun, further, we can use this emoji as our facebook account name. But today in most, I’ll teach you how to make a gun name account on facebook – I mean gun name FB ID.


How Make Gun Name FB ID?

If you have found the gun name symbol then it is easy to make the gun name account on Facebook. You can change your old account’s name to the gun symbol but I recommend you to make another fake account. This is because. sometimes Facebook can ban or block your account for inappropriate activity. So, if you want to save your account then never do any illegal activity on your account. But I think I’m wasting your time. I should just teach you.
So, after reading the paragraph, if you want to make the gun name id on the Fb account then follow these steps. 
First of all, go to settings of Facebook account, then go to personal information, there you’ll find name edit section, just go in it and change your name into the gun name. Just paste the given emoji (symbol). 
ジ气覀 气亠
Paste half to the first name box, and a half to the last name box (Leave middle name box empty). This method is clearly shown in the video. You can watch the full helpful method in the video. 
After pasting successfully click to previews or any done button. After this, you’ll need to put your current facebook password. After this click on Save Changes to save your name as the gun name. 


In this article, I’ve told you everything about the gun name ID (Account) on facebook. I’ve clearly shown the method in the video and I’ve told you to never apply this trick on your official or personal account. If you liked the video then kindly SUBSCRIBE the channel and if you have any issue or problem then use the comment box. 

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