Reset mobile without going into settings (Hard-Reset)

Reset, mobile, without going, into settings, Hard Reset, Reset mobile without going into settings (Hard-Reset)


How to reset the phone?

Many of my friends were facing some issues regarding mobile factory reset options, they think there only one option to factory reset phone. They are wrong, there are other options for resetting your phone. Today I’ll tell you how to reset mobile without going into settings.

Forgot pattern, pin or password.

Man is the creature of Allah. Man can make a ton of mistakes in his life. But this is no disgrace. Man learns from his mistakes. If you have made this mistake and forgot your password. I am with you, and I’ll tell how to solve the issue. If you have forgotten your password then read this article’s method part. After the factory reset, all of your data in mobile storage will be deleted. So, do this at your own risk.

I had been a user of Samsung Mobile phone. It was my best smartphone but there was an issue. I solved this issue on my smartphone myself. You can also solve this by reading the method in this article. Here is a simple method for you. You don’t need to pay a heavy amount to an expert.

What was my issue?

Let me explain the issue. If my issue is the same as yours then apply this method to your mobile. It was the first smartphone Samsung J2. After the use of two months. It started this issue. Then I realized that I can’t pay for this little problem I should find any other way to get relief.


Let’s do it.

It is not a very long method. You can do this in only 5 minutes. Requirements for doing this are just simple that you should be a good user. You can solve the last problem by the factory reset option on your phone. If you can access your settings then do the same what I am going to say.
Note before doing:

You are going for a hard reset on your mobile. Please make sure that there is not an important data file. So, you should be sure of this. You can search for any other method to get your data files from your hanged phone. Otherwise, do it at your own risk. I’ll not be payable to you for this.

After making sure and understanding your problem you should read and apply this method. If your problem doesn’t meet my problem then don’t do this. You should find another way to solve your issue.

  1. First of turn off your cell phone and wait for a while.
  2. Now tun on phone, and rapidly press HOME KEY + VOLUME UP KEY + SWITCH KEY at the same time. Do this when you see the logo of the company
  3. After this, you can easily navigate to factory reset by Volume keys and you can use Switch Key as OK button.



This was a tutorial about how to reset mobile without going into settings. I hope that you know the next steps. Next, are the same to default factory reset. Done my dues are to you-you can pay my dues by sharing this with friends. You should not hesitate to comment. I hope you have solved the issue.

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