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In the previous article, we have explained, how to add a download wait button in WordPress – now we are going to do the same thing on Blogger. In simple words, we’re going to add timer before download starts. The method is different for both platforms but it so easy. Blogger’s method is quicker than WordPress. So, let’s start.

Adding Timer on Download Page in Blogger.

Now, we are going to add a timer on the download page in the blogger step by step. First of all, go to blogger and launch your blog by signing up into a blogger. After doing that simply,

add timer before download

Go to the Page in which you want to add a timer before download starts. After going to, simply switch to HTML mode.

Add Timer Before Download in Blogger


Now paste the script on your page as HTML. You can download/copy the script from given Google Drive’s Link. You’ll need to make little change before publishing the page.

Add Timer Before Download in Blogger


Change this link to your own link. This is the link of a file which user is going to download. So carefully add your link in the script and publish the page. Now you can copy the link of this download page and add to your download button.

When someone clicks that button and then he’ll be redirected to the download page. On the download page, the user will have to wait for some time (seconds) to download the file.

Customizing Page:

I’ve customized the script with page description and download instructions. If you want to customize it yourself the simple switch to the visual editor and customize text and page.

Note: During customization, avoid any change in script code. The script can be damaged. So, check the preview before publishing the page.


Guys, this was a humble piece of info about the timer on the download page. Kindly, comment below if you have any situation. Try watching tutorial videos for better understanding.

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