How to Create Blank Name FB iD (2021)

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On Facebook you will meet some people with no names, you will think that where they came from? Who they are? What is this? Hey Guys! In today’s post, we are going to reveal how to create a blank Full name FB id? You can also call it no name FB id.

What is the Invisible Name ID?

There is a simple answer that invisible id is that where no name will be shown. Users will not be able to see your name because there will be no name. Actually, this is not a genuine trick but this is a humble trick 🙂 I mean to say that this is only a character from any language – you can Google it.

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 Yes! Surely, don’t do this on your personal account. Your account may be counted as a spam account. You can create a new account by just following our post about “Unlimited Fb accounts”.  If you do this on your personal account – someone can easily report blocking your account. This is because you do a violation of Facebook community guidelines.

How to Make Blank Name Fb ID?

First of making sure that you know everything about changing your Facebook name or creating a new Facebook account – then just follow these steps to create your invisible FB id.

If you are creating a new account then simply go to your Facebook – copy the code (invisible characters) from below.

Copy this👇 

After copying the Remove Brackets and just Paste into your first name and last name. Don’t try to edit – paste as it is. Now do all steps to create a new account – your account will be created with an invisible name.

If you want to change your old name account then simply go to Settings> Personal Information> Name Edit and then paste the code in last and first name.

Then easily click the review change button and then enter your password and save changes. Done your account is now converted to an invisible FB id.

Simple Steps:

  1. Copy this symbol
  2. Go to Facebook Settings.
  3. Now follow personal settings.
  4. Click on edit name.
  5. Paste symbol in first and last name.
  6. Click Preview Changes,
  7. then enter passwords and save changes.
  8. Done, the blank name is ready.


This post or blog doesn’t promote any illegal activity. These posts and tutorials are made for only educational purposes. If you do any trick on your personal account then we are not answerable for any problem. If you don’t share the post with your friends and family then it a big crime that you do with me.

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