How to Earn More Money Online? Real Ways

Lots of articles about how to earn more money online are trending but there are only some real ways to make money online. Some guys will say to review their apps and some will say you to download their apps. You will be paid only 1 or 2 times but the real way will pay you for the whole life.

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The real ways to make money online will pay well and never leave you. If you want to make money online then read this article carefully because the slightest mistake, in the beginning, will hurt you in the whole journey of your career. In this article, I’m going to talk about some genuine ways to earn money online.

In this article, we will just discuss all those real ways to earn money online for free. There is nothing to pay in these ways. If you will work hard, you will get success.

I would like to clear something before you start reading this article. I think so if you want to be rich then don’t read this article, read this when you want to kill the poverty of your inner side because man is rich when his heart is rich. So, if you want to kill your poverty then find a real way to earn money online. If you are searching the queries that real ways make money online then you at the right place.

Now I think we should our an article about how to earn more money online for free? Here are three easy and much paying ways to make money. One of them is AdSense, YouTube and another one is freelancing.

Listen there is another way also, called affiliate marketing but I’ll tell you something about this also, what I know about it. You can google it. I am only sharing the ways that I know and have something to say about them.

This article is real or fake?


I think that some people of the old generation think that there are no o ways to earn money from the internet because they don’t know the internet.

Days are changed, now everyone is coming to this field. There are lots of sources in this field. You can work freely without the stress of any boss.

So, keep in mind that these real ways to make money online. There is no fraud in this field. Just be aware of those people who do fraud.

For example, if you want to buy some from any person, first of all, know everything about him. Check user’s reviews about him. Get some proof to deal with him.

This article is about how to earn more money online, and it is a hundred percent real. You can ask anybody in the online field. These ways to make money online are guaranteed. You can believe and start you work freely without any fear of loss.


How to earn more money online, Real ways to make money online, Ways to make money from AdSense, Make money from a blog, Make money from apps, Make money from YouTube, Freelancing, More ways of freelancing,

There are no heavy requirements to make money online from the internet. Not much money required. You just need something that is listed below.

One healthy mind with two hands,
basic education like 8th-10th-grade minimum (not much required), the person must be known to basic use of mobile, internet, and computer.

One laptop with an internet connection is required. You can use your android phone but it will make your work more tough and hard.

This the content of our article that you are going to read in the next 5 minutes.


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AdSense is brought to you by Google. It is the first genuine way to make money online. This is the world’s largest online ad company. Google AdSense shows the ads of advertisers to other websites, blogs, and apps. It pays to them for showing ads.

I hope you got it that Google gives an ad to show and pays to the author of the blog, app, or YouTube channel. Yes, you can be the author of a blog or an app.

Now in our article, comes more ways to make money online from AdSense. The blog, YouTube and developing apps are those three real ways to make money online.

These are real ways to earn money online from the internet. You can earn money from these ways for the whole.

These ways are not fraud or fake. Everyone is now earning in these ways. You can hard work and earn. This is a clean and easy way to earn more money online.

Make money from a blog,

A blog is a way where man show can his experience and talent. You will be paid well if you’re well. To be a blogger you need to be a good writer.

This is not a big deal, if you can type WhatsApp messages then you can do it. There are many tutorials on YouTube that how to make money from blogging.

You can read my article in the blogging section. All of my articles are in sequence like how to start a blog, how to get paid, and some will be added soon. If you need any guidance about blogging you can contact me (free).

Though blogging is being tough day by day it is easy as it is tough. You must get some proper guidance before you start a blog.

Here is not only one AdSense option to earn from your blog. If you have good traffic then you can earn more money from your blog.

You can do affiliate marketing. You can promote Amazon’s products on your blog. If someone from your blog buys something from your provided link of Amazon product, then you will get the commission from Amazon.

You can earn more money from a blog then a YouTube channel. On YouTube, you will need to buy a camera and a microphone. YouTube channel budget may be high but on the other hand, on you just need to buy a domain or hosting. If you are a beginner then you can start with a single domain on Blogger.

To earn more money from a blog you have to learn the blogging, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In blogging, you have to learn many things before you start earning from your blog.

First of all, you have to learn what is a blog? After this, you will need to learn how to start a blog? Once you have done these things you should learn what is On-Page SEO?

After learning all these things, you can create a beautiful blog. After you have written 15-25 beautiful and SEO-friendly articles, you can apply for AdSense.

Once you have applied for AdSense then AdSense team will review your blog, if your blog meets AdSense criteria then you will get AdSense approval.

After getting the approval, the blog will start showing ads. You can set-up ads in your blog.

Now it’s a time to get huge traffic to your blog. You will earn better if your traffic is better.

Here is a personal tip for you, that you should think of traffic first. If you have good traffic to your blog then you can get AdSense easily and fast.

So, this was an introduction to, how to earn more money online from a blog. So, be careful before starting a blog. Do proper planning for your blogging career.

Make money from Apps,

Do you think this is hard to make apps? Do you think that only a software engineer can create apps? If you think then you are wrong bro because the engineer is human first. Though they are professional and highly qualified. But you also can be.

You can also be a developer. If you don’t have any supercomputer to run Android developer (All professionals develop apps on it, it is a software for computer) then I have many other options to create android apps or iPhone apps on your PC (every PC with the internet). There are thousands of ways to do this.

You will be glad to know that there are thousands of ways to create professional apps to make more money online.

You can search for how to create android apps without coding. There are ways to create android or iPhone apps easily without any coding course.

If you don’t know that some professional apps are built by thunkable, appcreator24, appybuilder, appgeyser and many more.

Once you have learned about how to create android apps easily without learning to code, then you will create apps, and put AdMob ads to your apps.

Like your blog, you will be paid for showing ads in your apps. If there are some users, who use your apps and click ads, then you will be paid more.

Make money from YouTube,

Everyone now turning to YouTube to grow up and make more money online. In this field, you will meet lots of entertainment and money. To earn on YouTube, you have to create a beautiful channel on YouTube.

Channel should be professional. You have upload videos to your channel regularly. This is proper for success. You will need to complete the task of the YouTube partner program. You have to complete the given watch time of YouTube. It is in the limit. I think it 4k hours and you will need 1k subscriber.

Once you have created a YouTube channel then you will need to monetize it. It means that like blogging you will need to get approval by YouTube to show ads on your channel.

This is hard and sometime you will face difficulties but this is a genuine way, where you can make money for the whole life. Once you have succeeded and got first payment then it will urge you to work hard and smart.

This will pay you well but after the hard and smart work. So, a YouTube channel is a genuine way to make money online. I have written some articles about YouTube.

On my blog, there is a tag with YouTube. In this section of my blog, you can get some basic information about YouTube channel, YouTube topics, common mistakes of new YouTubers, some YouTube topics in trending to grow fast. So, if you want to get this information then please visit.


Sale your talent online. There no disgrace in it, if you have some talent in you then you should try freelancing. Freelancing is the where you can sell articles (you can write articles for their blog and get the good amount), logos (design a beautiful logo for them and get paid), voice (do voice over on their animated video and get money), and animation (create some cartoons for money).

You can check the list freelancing jobs and then pick from them in which you are an expert. Fiverr and Upwork are the world-famous freelancing sites. You can earn better on these websites. There are thousands of works to do on these freelancing sites.

Local freelancing,

This means that if you don’t have an approved account of any freelancing site, and you want to sell your talent. Like if you have any Facebook page with a good reputation then you can sell it.

There are many other ways to sell your products online. If you are a writer then post in freelancing groups on Facebook, maybe someone will hire you for his blog. If you have a page or social media account with a huge number of followers then you can also sell it.

I can’t tell you all the works that you can do on Facebook or any other social site. But I’ll recommend you to sign up on a good Freelancing site to save your talent.


This article was not for Google, this was only for you. Now it is upon you that what you choose to earn more money online.

Be serious about this article, because this field is growing fast, you can make your place in it.

In the coming years, it will be harder to make your place in this field.

If you need help with anything then you can comment or contact on the provided information. I’ll try my best to reply to you.
Now just chill and read some interesting facts.

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