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How to Find Template in CapCut and Use

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Are you looking to use Template in CapCut? Here we are talking about how you can find the template in CapCut and use it to make videos. This is so simple, we are explaining three methods to find and use templates!

Before using the CapCut template you must have an idea about what you are doing! Let me tell first tell you what are template and CapCut.

What is CapCut?

Bytedance PTE LTD, partnered or TikTok-owned company launched the video editor for bloggers and TikTok video creators. You can use this video editor to edit your videos with advanced features. There are many features you’re not going to get with any Android Video Editor.

What are Templates in CapCut?

Templates are the video editing presets shared by other creators on – you can use their templates/presets to edit your video according to their settings. Templates in CapCut only can be used in CapCut and all settings are locked, you can just import your photos/videos to make a video on that template.

How to Find Template in CapCut?

Templates in CapCut are searchable and you can use them by finding them in different ways. Here are the easy 3 ways you can use to find templates in CapCut.

Search Template in CapCut App

Yes, the CapCut app now has the feature to find and use templates. If you are new to CapCut then sign in with your TikTok account and see the Template button at the bottom. Simply, go into the templates and find any of your favorites.

Guide to finding templates in CapCut:

  • Open CapCut app
  • Sign in with TikTok Account
  • Click on the Templates button at the bottom
  • Open the search bar and find a template


If this method is not working for you then you can simply follow the second method.

Find templates on TikTok

There are thousands of videos created on every single CapCut template in TikTok. You can use templates from any video you watch on TikTok.

Use template from TikTok video:

  • Open TikTok and find the video template
  • Click on the CapCut | Free Video Editor button above the name of the video creator
  • You can see this button in the Video comments also.
  • Click on Use Template and then Open in CapCut button
  • Again click on Use template and edit your video.


Find the template from HumbleTricks.Com

We’ve shared thousands of CapCut templates on this website, you can find and use them in CapCut.

How to use a template from

  • Visit
  • Click on the search icon
  • Search your favorite template
  • Open the post and click on Use Template
  • Get the link to the Template and open the template in CapCut


How to edit a video with the template?

Editing the video with the CapCut template is so simple. First of all, find the template you want to use, you can use any method given above. Then follow these steps to make the video:

  • Open Template in CapCut
  • Import photos or videos according to the template guide
  • Click next and then check the preview of the video
  • If it is okay then export or share it on TikTok

Template guide(s) are given in the template video, most of them are just 1 or 2 pictures and a few templates need videos of 7-10 seconds.

Final words!

I’ve explained the CapCut templates and methods to find them, you also learned how you can edit videos. If you are going to enjoy templates then share your experience here. In case of confusion please drop your comment here.


July 9, 2023
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