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Do you want to earn money from KSH Video App? Here I will tell you how you can work on this app and how will you get money? Everyone knows about this app, but today I will tell you how to work on it. Here everything is explained in a very simple way, you can earn money from the KSH video app by following these steps. This is a short video app on which you can earn a lot of money by working. You can also make your career on this app and if you are already a famous person then you can also make money working on this app.

This is just like SnackVideo on which you can earn money by making short videos on your own. If you have more than one thousand followers on any platform, then you can join this app. To join such an app as a creator, you have to fill a form. I will provide you with the link to that form as soon as this app is launched. If you are reading the article, after the launch of the article app, then you can see the registration link of this app below. Get selected then you will get a fixed salary. If you want to get a salary then you follow these app’s rules and apply.

KSH Video App, How to make money from KSH Video App

The rules of the app and the tricks to earn money are given below, you can earn money by reading them. If you want to know about the app before that, then let me tell you that this is a short video app. It is one of the most installed apps in Pakistan. Find this app on Google Play Store. You can see many features inside the app, similar to video editing. Make and publish it on this app. You can make friends and earn your friends.

How to Make Money on KSH Video?

Making money with this app is very easy. You can earn money by working three to four hours a day. Here you will find many options such as inviting friends and salary on this app. Below is a list of some of the tasks you can use to make money.

Join As Creator

If you want to get the salary according to your subscriber and followers on another platform. Then you can apply by filling the form given below. If you have more than one thousand subscribers on any of your platforms, then you can apply for this job. You will be placed on this app as the creator. You have to make some videos on a daily basis. If you work for the whole month then you will get this salary.

Invite Friends

You can earn money by inviting your friends to this app. This is a very easy way to make money on this app. All you have to do is extract your invite code. Ask anyone you invite to enter this code. As soon as your friend enters your code you will get a bonus in return. The more friends you invite, the more you earn.

Watch Videos

Yes friends you can make money watching videos. You know that this app is for short videos. If you don’t know how to do anything, you can make money watching videos. Before you can make money watching videos, you have to enter someone’s invite code. Only then to watch the videos to make money. So you can make money without doing anything.


There are some other things in this app that can help you earn money. You also get weekly events and monthly events in it. For this, you have to be active 24 hours so that whatever new feature or event is there, you can earn money from it. You should keep an eye on all the time, whatever new item comes, you can join it quickly.


Friends, here I told you how you can earn money from your KSH video app. Let me tell you some features of this app and how to earn money on it. If you have any other questions regarding this app then you can ask in the comments. You will keep getting more updates about this app on this blog.

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