How to Update CNIC in JazzCash (Code)

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If you don’t know how to update CNIC details in the JazzCash account then you can simply learn here. Here I am going to show you the code and method to update the CNIC issuance date in Jazz Cash, you can simply follow these details.

You may have received the SMS by JazzCash to update your CNIC details on the account for any reason. This may be the cause of a recent change in your CNIC, you may have updated it. Once your CNIC expires, you need to renew it. So, you have to update the new issuance date anywhere you have used the first one. Below is the method to update the issuance date of CNIC in the JazzCash Mobile account.

How to Update CNIC in JazzCash Account?

Now I am going to tell you the steps of adding a new issuance date to your JazzCash account. If you don’t understand it then you can simply watch the video given below. Follow these steps to update the issuance date in your MobiCash account.

  • Go to dial pad and dial this code *786*6*6#
  • Now enter the new issuance date in this format DDMMYYYY,
  • For example, 15012022

15 is the date, 01 is the month, and 2022 is the year. After putting the issuance date in this format, now you can verify by entering your PIN and clicking the next button. If your issuance date matches with the date in NADRA then it will be updated and you’ll get the confirmation SMS soon by JazzCash.

Update in JazzCash App

You can also update the issuance date in the JazzCash app if you have JazzCash App and sign in. Then simply open the app and go to account settings. In the app, you can find details of updating things like names, issuance dates, and other details. Due to some reasons, JazzCash is not working good for some devices. It is recommended to update the CNIC in JazzCash through code, which I have explained above.


Friends, I have explained how you can update CNIC details in your JazzCash account if asked by Jazz Microfinance? If you are going to use the first method then it will surely work for you. You can simply update your issuance date using this method. Share your issue here, I’ll reply to you soon.

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