How to Write an SEO-friendly Article in Blogger?

This article is about search engine optimization SEO. You are going to learn basic SEO. In this article, we’re going to learn How to Write an SEO-friendly Article in Blogger and understand all those things that come in the basic SEO.
I’m sure, if you are a beginner then you will exactly be going to like this article because this will tell you everything that you need at the starting of your blog.

You are going to read:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO is important?
  • SEO types,
  • What to do in starting?
  • White hat SEO and Black hat SEO,
  • SEO before starting a blog,
  • Basic SEO of a blog,
  • How to an SEO-friendly article?


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizing, in my simple English, I would like to say that SEO is a game that we play with a search engine.

Sending your content to your audience through keywords and any other sources are calling SEO.

There are many other types of SEO that we are going to learn in this article.

A blog ranks through perfect SEO. A perfect SEO means a blog or website is perfect.

Today in this article I’ll tell you some of the SEO tips that I learned in all my time. Many Senior bloggers told senior tips but these are simple and small SEO tips for beginners

Why SEO is important,

In Google searches, everyone to show him at the first. They try for being first on google. If someone does proper on-page SEO and Off-page SEO, then his will definitely on the first of google search results.

If you start a blog, then you will need some traffic. If you cannot get more traffic from your social media then you must do proper SEO to get traffic to your blog.

So, without SEO there will be no traffic. If there is no traffic, then there is money. This is not a thing to avoid SEO. Without SEO you cannot rank. Without the ranking, you cannot get organic (non-paid) traffic to your site.

If you think that you can get huge traffic from social media, then tell me, how many years will you get traffic from social. There may be a change in the coming years.

So, to seeing this you should not avoid the importance of SEO. You should learn SEO. It is important in your blogging career. Without this your blogging is not blogging, you are just a sharing bot. You should not be a robot, you should use a robot.

SEO types by Page,

There are two main types of SEO, that we can do our blog. One of them is On-page SEO and other one Off-page SEO. When you have done your On-page SEO then you can easily do proper off-page SEO.
Let me explain about On-page SEO and Off-page SEO,

What is On-page SEO?

When we are on our site, and we are doing everything on our blog, it is called On-page SEO. The blog settings, theme settings, title, description, and targeting keywords in the article, is called On-page SEO.

This is more important than off-page SEO. Your blog can be good with only the help SEO on your Page. If you don’t have SEO on your page then it difficult to rank over Google.

What is Off-page SEO?

On the other hand, Off-page SEO is the SEO we do without editing our blog.
Connecting your blogs to other blogs is called Off-page SEO. In this way of SEO, you do something for others to get links from their sites.

Guest posting is also called Off-page SEO. When you go on the other sites and write an article as a guest on their site. Then in that article, you can give them the link to your blog. This will help you to increase traffic and DA, PA.

Sharing your site to the social site is also in Off-page SEO. This is also important when you are new and don’t have organic traffic. You should share your blog and get some traffic from social media.

What to do in starting?

Yes, this is a good question that if you are a beginner and want some traffic from Google, then what you should do first.
Listen you can’t do good Off-page SEO at the beginning of your blog. You can only share your blog. But without good articles and investing money you can’t get Off-page SEO.

This means that you should focus on the On-page SEO in the beginning. Once you have done your SEO on your page then you can struggle for Off-page SEO. Struggling for backlinks, in the beginning, is the story of failures. So, do proper SEO of your blog, write some SEO-friendly articles, and then try to connect your blog to the other sites.

SEO Types By Techniques,

Writing for the human is called white hat SEO. This is a good idea to do white hat SEO. Every article writer and YouTuber will say you to write for humans first.

If you are writing for humans, and that text has some impression for human then you are doing good.

On another side, black hat SEO means that you are writing for any Search Engine. You are not writing for any human. Your main target is the search engine. This is right that you can get traffic from black hat SEO, but the traffic from white hat SEO is more important.

So, write for a human first. This is because you can get love and traffic both from this term of SEO. To following the SEO of 2019, you can only rank on white hat SEO. If a user came to you and he ignores your content then Google will catch this impression and it can decrease your ranking.

So, before doing the black hat SEO, be aware of the new algorithm of the search engine. Black hat SEO may be dangerous for you.

SEO before starting a blog,

This is a very important thing. 99% bloggers, in the beginning, do this mistake, they do not think for SEO before starting a blog. I am not talking about that you can do SEO before starting a blog, I’m talking about thinking about SEO before you start a blog.

This means that you should do proper keyword research of your niche, domain name, and the title of the blog. If you are going to work on any niche then do research on it that how many articles you can write on this niche? How many persons are currently working on this niche? How they are doing SEO? What are their secrets of the ranking?

After getting complete information about your competitors you should find a valuable domain that has the main keyword of your niche. Then create a beautiful title of your blog. These were some things to think before you start a blog. So, if you have done these things, we can start our SEO of the blog.

Basic SEO Steps,

Now after the complete introduction of SEO for beginners, we are going to learn how to do SEO of blog (blogger)? Now let me show how you can do proper SEO of your blog, and what are some important things to do on your new blog?

Title and domain of the blog?

I have told you that you should choose a niche-mate title and the domain. If your niche is football and you are buying a domain about cricket, this is not right. Your keyword must be in your domain if it is possible otherwise this is not a serious issue.

Meta description in the blog,

Now write a description about your blog that what about your blog is? Put your main keyword and some related keywords in your meta description because it going to be visible in searches.


The user-friendly theme is also a part of SEO. If you have purchased a good theme then it best but if you are using the free template then design it and customize it like a pro.

Put some important meta tags in it, though tags are not important but you can for its formality.

How to write an SEO-friendly?

Once you have done all your SEO on your blog then you will write an article. It may be your first article.

Now, we are going to learn about how to write an SEO-friendly article. First, of all, you have to know about what is SEO-friendly articles. Listen, SEO-friendly article means that this article has proper SEO to rank in the search engine.

If your article meets all the desires of the search engine then it is an SEO-friendly article. Your article has some images, title, headings, subheadings, repeated keyword, good URL structure, and description then it an SEO-friendly article.

Now I’m going to show you an example.

  • Find the target keyword,

The first step in SEO is finding perfect keywords. After you have found the keywords on which you are going to do SEO. You can use google keywords planner if you don’t want to pay for costly SEO tools.

Now after finding keywords, we are to do SEO on it. (our example keyword is humble tricks) and we are going to write an SEO-friendly article on humble tricks (Example keyword).

  • Title and description,

Title the main part of the post, here you can describe your article in a few words (10-12) or in one sentence. One sentence of the title must be included with your exact keyword, as it is shown in the image below.

When your post is shared with any other search engine or on social media then it will show some text below the link, it called description. You must use your keywords in the description. For example, our keyword is humble tricks then we will use it like this,

  • URL structure,

Your post will be founded in searches by your URL (link) of your post. You should always customize it. As like title and description your link must include exact keywords.

You can customize it on the right-side panel of the blogger post editor. Title, description, and link are the main work in SEO.

Use an only hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_). You can check the example of our keywords,

  • Images,
Yes, images are also a source to get more traffic to your blog. I think this is the part of SEO. It is not enough to put only one image in an article, add 4-5 images.

You should check its property. In the property of the image, you will come to know about the title text and alt text. You must repeat your keywords in the property of the image.

Add a title and alt text, your alt text must include the exact keyword. Don’t use underscore (_) in the alt text, and remember to rename the file before uploading.

  • Links in the article,

You should also use some links in your article. Be careful before using links in the article. Put all the links in the text flow, don’t make any unexcepted text to put links.

  • Headings and Subheadings,

Headings and subheadings also help to maintain the keywords. You must repeat the keywords in headings and subheadings as I did. This increases your keyword density.

  • Keywords Density,
This is very important to maintain the keywords density in your article. It is said to use your exact keyword 4 times in the whole article of 1000 words. You can calculate, or you can check it by any KW density checker. It should be about 2% to 4%. Otherwise, Google can penalize your blog for doing over keywording.



Friends, I have only these tips that I learned in my experience. I wanted it to share it with you. I hope that my article SEO for beginners will help you in your blogging career. If I’m missing something in this article. Please comment on your guidance in this article.

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