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Are you searching for “http // vaksin rsbm” or ““? You can find the full link of (http // vaksin rsbm) here. Do you want to register for vaccination? Here I’ll explain how you can register for vaccination. All details about the vaccine are given here. Also, check another vaccination link –

http // vaksin rsbm

This is a broken link but doesn’t worry you can find the fixed/working link here. I’ll help you to understand the vaccination process through this link.

Working Link:

Just visit the given link and check all the details about vaccination and registration for vaccines. If you are looking for criteria then check the given details below.

More Details about Vaccination

Preference points served at RSBM currently:
Health workers
Elderly age > = 60 Years
Public Service* Age > = 18 Years

Other Public Service

  • Professors (teachers, speakers, teaching staff)
  • Religious leaders and religious instructors
  • People’s representatives, administration officials, ASN
  • Defence (Pecalang, Security)
  • Tourism characters (tourists, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Public servants (Damkar, BPBD, BUMN, BUMD, BPJS,
  • Head/Village Apparatus etc.)
  • Public moving workers
  • Trader
  • Reporters and media workers
  • Athlete and Artists
  • Other known servants

Are you in the Precedence Goals? Come Vaccine!
For somebody with the above criteria, if they want to be vaccinated at the Bali Mandara Hospital, they must read the link given above.

All who have recorded online so that at the time of enrollment for vaccination:

  1. Bring your identification (KTP, Domicile Letter for KTP outside Bali)
  2. For health workers to show their known identity (STR/SIP/Certificate of Work at Health Facilities)
  3. Wear a surgical mask, face protection and hand sanitiser when arriving at the hospital


Dear, we have discussed some major points and the criteria you need to know about. I’ve also given you the working link, you can visit it by clicking it on. If you are facing any issues then kindly share your problem with us.

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