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Hi, guys today I am going to fix your link – https bit ly 3z1uigy. If you are trying to open the link “https bit ly 3z1uigy” and it shows a 404 error. Then visit the alternative link here. If you don’t know why this is not working on your phone and why you are unable to visit this link then don’t worry. Here I’ll explain the possible reasons for the error behind this issue. After reading this article, you’ll be able to check the official working link of the same URL here.

As you know that this is a bit ly link and has a problematic slug  3z1uigy, which is not working for everyone. Then how you can visit the link and access other content on your phone. If you want answers to these questions and instant solutions then check this complete article. Today I’ll explain the reasons behind these types of errors.

We know that this is the link to an online survey by our government, but how you can check the content and polls on the link? Be sure that what you are looking for is not hidden for the users to see. Lets me explain in detail. Before this, you must check the official page where you got the link. There you will see that this was a poll posted at: https://bit.ly/3z1uigy but now this is closed. Do you want more details about the link? Read more.

What is https bit ly 3z1uigy?

This is the link to an online survey by the government, which is now closed and you can’t participate in it rightnow. The original link of the polls/survey was shortened into bitly using bitly.com’s service. If you don’t know about the survey then let me give you a hint. Check the notice by NADS Government below.

Dear civil servants!

We invite you to join the anonymous survey on the reform of the remuneration of civil servants , which is posted at: https://bit.ly/3z1uIgy .

NADS is currently preparing to extend the new wage model to the entire territory of Ukraine. At this stage, it is especially important for us to hear your opinion on the current state of affairs in the remuneration system and to receive feedback on the understanding and perception of the peculiarities of the reform. 

The poll lasts until September 23, 2021. We hope for your active participation.

This survey is closed now, if you didn’t vote or you want to take part then wait for next time. If you want to check more information then check the official website of NADS.

What happened to https bit ly 3z1uigy?

Nothing happened to the link, this is just closed now. As you know that NADS confirmed in the notice that the survey will be closed by 23 September of 2021, this link is not available now. This link is hidden by the admin of the BITLY account. You can’t visit and check details on this link now.

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