Insaaf Imdad Program Details [Form, App and SMS]

Recently we’ve explained Ehsaa Emergency Cash Program – today we’re going to explain Insaaf Imdad Program. I’ll tell you three methods to apply for this program and when you’ll get money.

What are the criteria of the Insaaf Imdad Program?

You’ll not be eligible for this program if you follow any of this.

  • Present service or retired public and semi-government employees.
  • Owner of the land.
  • Individuals benefiting from another welfare scheme.
  • Utility bills exceed 10,000 per month.
  • Owners of any type of vehicle (except a motorcycle,
    Rickshaw, Chung Chi)

If you are living Punjab and CNIC is registered from another Province then you’ll not be able to apply for Insaaf Imdad Program.

How to Apply by SMS for Insaaf Imdad?

To apply by SMS you should have at least 2 Rupees because SMS charges are 1.36 Rupees + taxes.

  1. Open your Messages App in the Mobile.
  2. Create a new SMS to 8070.
  3. Type your Data like this, insaaf imdad program
  4. Now just and wait for Reply.

How to Apply for Insaaf Imdad by Online Form?

You can also apply for Insaaf Imdad Online. To do this just visit the official website of Insaaf Imdad and fill the form just like this.

  1. Enter your name,
  2. Add you number registered with CNIC,
  3. and enter your 14 digit CNIC number.
  4. Read the criteria and check (tick) agreement box.
  5. Now just tap on Send Application.

Wait until the process complete. You’ll receive a confirmation message when everything is done.

How to Apply for Insaaf Imdad by App?

Submitting an application from App is the same as Online Method – you can download the Insaaf Imdad Apk from below. Follow these steps to apply for Insaaf Imdad Program by App,

  1. After complete installation, launch the app.
  2. Enter your name, CNIC, and phone number.
  3. Read the criteria and tick the agreement checkbox.
  4. Just click submit to Apply.

Now you can check your application in the submitted area of the App, you can also make a change in your data.

When you’ll get money?

It is not confirmed but I’ve read in an article that sending of amount will start next Wednesday (8 April 2020). So, wait for the process, they’ll check your data and definitely reply to you soon.


This was a humble article on the Insaaf Imdad program. In this article, I’ve explained all possible information about Insaaf Imdad Punjab Program.

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