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Internet Optimizer Pro 2.0 2022

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If you’re using a fast Internet connection, but you notice that your speed for browsing isn’t what it’s made to be, your issue could lie with the DNS. When you optimize the speed of your computer’s DNS records, you will be able to determine the fastest paths for the data you send on across the Internet. It will not increase the speed of your upload or download however, in certain instances it could result in an increase in internet browsing speed. Download Internet Optimizer Pro APK v2.0r free from here.

This is a special application for optimizing your internet speed with your gaming experience. If you want to Boost Your gaming experience and browsing experience then you can use this Optimizer to increase your speed. Also, this will help you to fix DNS issues with your internet and also so help you to unlock websites that are allowed in your DNS.

Sometimes, you might encounter slow hiccups when trying to access the internet via your device. Sometimes, these issues can be caused by your provider’s DNS settings since your ISP might not always provide the highest speed for DNS servers.

The DNS server you choose to use directly influences how fast you’ll be able connect to websites. Thus, selecting the fastest DNS server based on your location can speed up your browsing. Through Net Optimizer you’ll discover an extremely fast DNS service and join by just one click.

Therefore, your speed of browsing as well as gaming performance (ping as well as latency) can be enhanced. (But it is important to be aware that DNS settings will not impact your internet download or speed but will affect the speed of upload, and response time).

Internet Optimizer Pro APK

Internet Optimizer ProInternet Optimizer is the simplest method to modify your DNS, and also test how fast DNS servers work. It does not require root access and is compatible with simultaneously WiFi as well as Mobile Network Data Connection. The DNS Changer changes the device’s DNS address, but does not affect the speed of your connection or speed in any manner.

This means it’s more efficient than regular VPN. Install DNS Changer on Android and test it out for yourself. The results of tests showed an 132.1 percent increase in speed when making use of Google’s DNS servers over the standard DNS servers. However, in actual usage the speed might not be that much quicker. But, this small tweak could have you feeling like you’ve got a fast internet connection.

What is Internet Optimizer Pro 2.0?

This application addresses one of the biggest issues that DNS faces: encryption. While the majority of Internet traffic Internet is now encrypted, DNS requests (i.e. requests for a name address) as well as the response aren’t. This allows attackers to steal, alter and read your request. This is an DNS changer that uses DNS-over-HTTPs as well as DNS-over-TLS and DoH3 to secure the transmission of all of your DNS requests to the targeted server. Only both you as well as the DNS server can comprehend the requests you’re sending.

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Key features

  • Find and connect the fastest DNS server , based on your location and network.
  • Improve web browsing speed by achieving quicker response time.
  • Fix lag and decrease the latency (ping time) on games online for improved gaming experience.
  • Simply one button to find and connect to the fastest DNS server and optimize your connection.
  • Automatically detect changes in connection as well as optimize your network.
  • Manually scan every DNS servers at a single touch to get all details.
  • Works for both wireless data (3G/4G/5G) as well as WiFi connection
  • Supported DNS Servers: Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, and others.

Mod features

  • Install the app once, and then put it away.
  • After initial configuration , the app is totally autonomously – no advertising and no tracking
  • Custom servers may be utilized
  • Low battery consumption

Download Internet Optimizer Pro APK

When navigating to a website known by it’s name, say, your device ask specific servers – DNS servers – how to address the website. DNS is an old protocol which, except for smaller changes, hasn’t been touched since its creation in 1987. Naturally the Internet changed a lot in this time, rendering the protocol outdated in some of its core aspects. So, download the latest version of this app from here and get all these features. Also check, FikFap.


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June 10, 2023
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