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Jazz gives lots of free internet data to its users but due to some spams, it is banned. Today, I am going to share some working Jazz free internet codes and tricks. If you are also looking for this query then start reading and try all the free internet methods. Try these Mobilink Jazz free internet tricks for now and save this page for the latest updates. I update these articles on a daily basis.

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How to Check Jazz Free Internet Data?

It is necessary to share this method, so you can check the remaining internet data after getting free internet on Jazz.

You can dial *110# or *116#, both codes are to check remaining minutes, MBs, and SMS. If you want more details then install JazzWorld App and get all the information about Jazz World including, remaining minutes, SMS, MBs, bundles, and offers.

Jazz Free Internet, jazz free internet 2020, jazz free internet code

Official Jazz Free Internet Codes and Tricks:

Before doing anything you must check for official offers. Because every company gives many free offers to its customers. So, let us discuss this.

Latest 5GB Jazz Free Internet Code

Just *5555# and look for 5GB Free in the list – if this exist there then answer with one and then answer with 1 to accept 5Gb free offer. Note: This offer works only for some users.

Daily Jazz Free MBs

Jazz Free Internet, jazz free internet 2020, jazz free internet code

Install the JazzWorld app and get 500MBs on your first login. Further, you’ll get free MBs in this sequence.  You’ll also get extra free MBs on every successful invite. So, invite more friends to get more MBs. 

Daily Free MB System:

Day Data
Day 1 25MBs
Day 2 50MBs
Day 3 100MBs
Day 4 120MBs
Day 5 150MBs
Day 6 180MBs
Day 7 200MBs

Invite and earn a Jazz Free Internet bonus for one day. Yes, now invite your whole family and friends by your Jazzworld Apk and get 100MB per successful invite. These bonus MBs are also like other free MBs. You can use them for one day.

Extra Tips:

  • Never turn on data when you have balance but, you are not subscribed to any internet bundle. So, if you want to use this app while you are not subscribed to any bundle when simply turn background data restriction.
  • MBs of the previous day can be used in next day before getting a new bonus. It’s a secret trick that your remaining MBs of JazzWorld will not expire on 12:00 PM.

Jazz Free Internet 1GB Code

Yes, Jazz also gives 1GB free internet data to some lucky users on a lucky day. If you have not tried this code before then you’ll definitely get 1GB free data on your Jazz 4G. Dial *5555# – you’ll see 1GB free in first of all offers, accept this after and enjoy 1024MBs free internet on you Jazz SIM. If code doesn’t work then kindly keep trying every day.

Jazz Free Internet, jazz free internet 2020, jazz free internet code


Jazz Free Internet 2GB Trick for 2G/3G/4G

This offer is also known as JazzMuft4G. You can avail 2GB free internet on your Jazz SIM. This is totally free and unlimited. You can get this offer many times. Read the method carefully and try it.

  • Find Jazz 3G device (Evo) – mine is a 3G device by Huawei.
  • Put SIM in it and connect to PC or Laptop.
  • Use the internet for a moment.
  • Put your SIM back to your 4G handset and restart your phone.
  • Turn on 4G data – You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • You can check the remaining MBs *116# by this code.

Jazz Free Internet 5GB Trick for 4G

This offer is only for Jazz 4G users. If 4G works fast in your area then you can get 5000MBs by using this trick. This is a simple trick but you’ll not believe me because it looks mad.

  • Get your 4G sim out of your 4G handset.
  • Put it into any 2G/3G phone I mean keypad set.
  • Use it for a moment, you’ll receive a message.
  • If the message doesn’t arrive then put it back to your 4G handset and turn on data.
  • You’ll get 5GB for 4G after trying this trick. Go and try.

Note: I’ve tested it on Club Mobiles, and some version of Qmobiles. It is working for some users now.


Jazz Free Internet, jazz free internet 2020, jazz free internet code

New Jazz SIM Super Offer

Yes, Jazz is giving you a super offer on buying a new SIM. You can enjoy free minutes, SMS, and MBs for 7 seven days and many more things – read details.

Instant Bonus:

You’ll get 1000MBs, SMS, and minutes instantly after putting, and dialing the new SIM offer code (*191#) for 7 days.

Bonus On Recharge:

In the next 60 days, you’ll get 2000MBs for 3 days on every recharge of Rs.50 or above. The balance will not be consumed for these 2GBs.

Go to the shop or order Jazz new SIM now and enjoy free internet for 60 Days.

Jazz Reactivation Offer

This is also a very amazing offer and if you think that you’ll get this offer for closing your SIM for a month or two month then you are wrong. I got this offer on my active Jazz SIM in the previous day but I am not getting this on my inactive SIM.

Subscription Code: *551#

Status: *553*2#

Validity: 50

Minutes 3000 (Daily 50)
Data 1500MBs (1am-9pm)
SMS 3000

Extra Jazz Free Internet Codes

Guys, these codes will be updated daily, I mean I’ll keep changing this list. I’ll add daily free internet codes on this list. So, bookmark (save) this website for daily free internet codes.

Code Data (MBs)
*443*30# 700MBs+Mins+SMS
*117*9*3# 50000Bs
*291# 100MBs (Unlimited Times)
*613*2# 1000MBs
*117*72#3 50000MBs
*838# 500MBs
*5555# 1024MBs
*499# 4096MBs
*462# 2048MBs
*674# 5200MBs

Jazz Free Internet VPN method

It is successfully tested that VPNs are working free on Jazz 4G SIMs. Now you can try these VPNs on your Jazz SIM to use free internet. Recently our team has tested that Your Freedom VPN, LetsVPN, and some other VPNs are working on Jazz.

Simple method:

Subscribe any social bundle before trying any free VPN on Jazz SIM. After subscribing bundle download LetsVPN and install it – after installing connect to any proxy and check. Your social bundle will work for every app and it’ll not consume your bundle data on your other apps.

Jazz 5GB trick Working Again

Jazz 5GB and 2GB (JazzMuft4G) tricks were was blocked one month before. Now, I have another new method to make these tricks work. I hope this method will work for you.

Step 1: First of all, you have to delete your internet settings. To do this, you should find your mobile’s “configuration messages” – in Samsung mobile you can do like this.

Go to Messages and Click More.


Now click Configuration Settings.


Now just Click more and select Delete.

Select all CP messages and delete them.

Step 2: After deleting internet settings, kindly get your 4G SIM out of 4G Mobile and put it into any Keypad mobile and wait for a moment. You’ll receive confirmation messages by a company that you’ve received 5GB free internet for 7 days.

Note: These MBs are 4G handset and SIM, so, you can use 5GB only on 4G and only 100MB will be used in 2G/3G. If the trick doesn’t work for the first time then kindly keep trying again with different keypad phones.

Still not getting 5GB Free on Jazz

Above this, I’ve told you to delete configurations messages (Internet Settings) from the phone. but there is a problem some of our friend’s phone is not having these options. So you can do another thing – go and delete APN settings of Jazz and then try this method. I’m sure that now you’ll get 5GB free on Jazz.

Unlimited Jazz Free Minutes

Guys, this is my duty to include every free offer in this post of free internet. Jazz is giving you unlimited free minutes. You can use these minutes for every time. If you are subscribing to any costly bundle then don’t forget to try these free minutes on your Jazz SIM.


Jazz gives me 500 minutes daily to use for 1 day but I think these minutes are no to expire. For the last 10 days, Jazz is continuously sending me 500 minutes on my Jazz SIM and give screenshot is the collection of those minutes.

No one, exactly, knows the reason behind this trick because Jazz hasn’t yet revealed any code for this offer. But I’ve some clues to get this offer because this offer is activated on my all SIMs.

You should,

  • Change your Package from one to another. Mine Package is Jazz One. This offer is also working on Champion 1 – but it isn’t mean that this will work on only these. I just saying to change your Package. Because I recently made changes in my Packages.
  • Active JazzMuft4G once, because I think, this worked on my SIMs, after getting JazzMuft4. So, try any of the other tricks and get 5GB or 2GB once on your SIM.
  • Check your remaining minutes by dialing *116# on your Jazz SIM. You can check your free minutes, MBs, and SMS on this Code.

Jazz Free Facebook

Jazz and all the other networks are giving Facebook Free. This service is originally by Facebook zero basics. You can now enjoy unlimited free Facebook across the world for free. Just install Facebook or Lite and log in to your account. Then select free mode and enjoy free Facebook.

Balance Consumes:

If your balance consumes for using Free Facebook then kindly Turn On background data restriction and save your Balance.

Jazz Free WhatsApp

Now you can also enjoy free WhatsApp on Jazz 4G. Just subscribe to this offer and start getting daily free MBs on Jazz for Free WhatsApp.

Subscription Code: *225#

Status: *225*2#

Offer: You’ll get 25MBs on every Call and you can get 250MBs daily.


Guys, this was a humble article on Jazz 4G free internet. If you really liked this article then read out another Zong 4G free Internet on the same blog. Kindly comment below if you have any problems. Keep Loving.

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