Jazz Free Internet 2021 Code (Today)

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Hi, guys today I am going to share some free internet codes and tricks for Jazz 4G. If you are looking for Jazz free internet today, here are some interesting and working codes to get unlimited free internet on Jazz.

Jazz 4G is one of the best networks in Pakistan that is providing 4G internet services all over Pakistan. If you are a user of Jazz 4G and want to get unlimited free internet then just follow this article. Without wasting time let me tell you all codes.

Free Internet 2021

In 2020, there were many free internet tips and tricks of Jazz 4G. But now all those tips and tricks are not working. Here I am going to share some new codes and tips for 2021. Just Dial these codes on your phone and get free internet on jazz today.

List of Working Tricks

Here is the list of working tips and tricks on Jazz 4G, by applying these tips and tricks on your Jazz sim you can get free internet for a month. Just follow the same method I am going to tell you here and get free internet.

Jazz Free 5GBs for 7 Days

Do you know about Jazz 5 GBs free internet trick? If you don’t know then just listen you can get 5GB free internet on jazz for 7 days. Just try to understand and apply this trick to your sim.

How to Get 5GB?

  1. Bring sim out of your phone.
  2. Put it into any keypad mobile.
  3. Dial some random codes for 5 minutes.
  4. Insert your SIM back to your 4G mobile.
  5. You will get 5GB of free internet very soon.
  6. Repeat that whole process in any other keypad mobile if it does not work.

This is the trick to get 5GB free internet on a jazz sim. Some recommended keypad mobiles are old models of QMobile, and club mobile.

Jazz Free 30GB

Yes, you can get 30 GB of free internet on your Jazz Sim by following this method. I have shown the proof in my videos you can check them out. If you trust me then just follow this method and get 30GB to 100GB free internet.

Code; *431# – dial on every SIM you have.

This is the code of free internet but this will not work as you dial it, you will have to do something before dialing this code. Just insert your sim in any keypad mobile and then dial this code.

I strongly recommend you to dial this code on any keypad mobile you have. Check Mb on every keypad mobile and Jazz sim by dialing this code you will get thousands of free internet MBs.

Jazz Free 10GBs

10GB free internet trick is here for you. You can get 10GB of free internet for 7 days. There is nothing impossible to get 10 GB from Jazz, just follow this method.

  1. Insert you are Jazz SIM in any keypad mobile.
  2. Dial these codes and check Mb.
  3. Codes (*671*2#, *672*2#, *674*2#, *676*2#).
  4. If you don’t get anything, just insert SIM back to 4G phone.
  5. Turn on internet data for just 5 seconds and turn it off.
  6. You will get 10 GB of free internet in the next 5 minutes.

Don’t take tension, just wait for some days if it does not work, please try in any other keypad mobile. Sometimes does not work on some particular keypad mobiles. I have tested this trick on some QMobile old models. You can also check on them.


Guys I have shared three internet tips and tricks. These are just working free tips and tricks on Jazz 4G. There is not any other code are trick working on Jazz. You can try this trick to get free unlimited Internet. If you liked this post then kindly share it with your lovely friends. I hope you will get free internet.

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