Jazz Free Internet Code 2020 [Updated]

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You have found it. I know what are you looking for? If you came here to see the official Jazz free internet code 2020 then you’re at the right place and after writing on Zong free internet tricks 2020 – today I am going to write some jazz free internet code for you. I hope that you’re going to love this article. 

Note: Every new trick will be added here on this in the future. To get it, first of all, save this page to find it easily.

What is Jazz 4G?

Pakistan’s number 1 telecommunication company – people of Pakistan love this company because of their internet and call bundles. Their services are really amazing – their every app is just like a professional app and they’re user-friendly apps. 

If you have one or more Jazz SIMs then this is a great thing because jazz is giving lots of free internet bundles to its subscribers. So, if you don’t have a Jazz SIM then just order it now. Because you are missing free internet tricks.  

Jazz Free Internet Code 2020,

Now I am providing you a list of free internet codes – you should try these codes on your new and old Jazz SIM, some codes will definitely work for you if you are trying for the first time. 
If you have used these codes on you all Jazz SIMs then try another method of free internet from below. I’m sure that you’ll find one trick that is working. 

Note: Most of the codes are not working for everyone but you can try once. 

 *5555# – Try on Jazz SIM after every 5 days.
 *832# – If you have tried this before then try this code.
 *836# – Try for the first time.
 *831# – This is also free code.
 *191# – This is working for only new SIMs.
 *990# – This is also working for new SIMs.
 *999# – Try to get something free.
 *441*25# – Try for the first time.
 *441*24# – Try if you never used this.
 *441*29# – Try to get 2GB.
 *443*30# – Try this code for the first time.
 *463# – This works for some users.
 *462# – Try on unique SIMs.
 *461# – This was working some days ago, you can try.
 *117*9*3# – Get 50GBs by this code.

Trick 2: Change The Slot,

This is working for me and I am using this trick from 4 months – this is because I love to have Jazz SIMs. If you have 2 SIMs or you are having just one, then you can try slot changing. 
Slot changing means you have to put your SIM to another mobile. There is a condition that mobile should be 2G or 3G. Just put your SIMs into any keypad mobile or any 3G Jazz Device.

After using your SIM in 3G mobile or 3G device for maximum of 10 minutes put it again into your 4G mobile – you’ll get 2GB free internet by just restarting your phone.

Use the App,

Get daily free MBs for using Jazz Word application. If you really want to get official free internet by Jazz then Install this app from play store and enjoy using this app. 
You’ll not get only free MBs – you’ll be notified for every activity on your Jazz SIM. You can check your balance history, you can activate amazing Jazz offers by just tapping on the Subscribe button, and mean to say that it is a good app to handle all activities of your Jazz mobile number. 
To get free MBs – Just install the app, after installing register it with your Jazz number. After opening your account for the first time, you’ll see a popup notification that you have got 500MB free for 3 Days. 
Further – by using this app you can claim your daily reward, it means it gives you daily free MBs. The first day you’ll get 25MB, next day 50MB, and so on.


In this article, we have read some jazz free internet tricks and tips. If someone from them worked for you then please comment here. If no one from these tricks is not working then also tell here. 
Save this – website in your mobile or remember this because every new trick will be uploaded here. 

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