Jazz Free Internet Packages (Secret Codes)

A few days ago, I was running out an internet bundle. I was not able to update my Facebook status. Then I tried some of my old tricks and codes for Jazz free internet. Hurrah! I got 8GB free on my Jazz SIM. I was glad to get it then I tried those tricks on my friend’s phone. Those were working greatly on that phone too. Now it is a time to talk about Jazz Free Internet Packages.

What are Requirements?

The requirements are small. If you have a 4G phone or less then, you can get 5GB Free on Jazz. You’ll need 4G SIM Card too. After that, if you have a 3G/2G or Keypad mobile then it great talk. Now I’ll tell you some of my secret tips and tricks, please read carefully. 

Jazz Free Internet Codes:

Guys, these are some Jazz free internet codes, try these codes on Jazz SIM. Try these codes on any new SIM, new means that SIM on which you have never tried before.

Jazz Free Internet on New SIM

I’m telling this offer first of all because of this a super offer, and I like it very much. You can enjoy free internet on your Jazz SIM for 2 months. Just order/buy a Jazz New SIM and start getting free internet.

Subscription Code: *191#

Status: *191*2#

Instant Free Bonus:

700 Mins/MBs/SMS for 7 days.

Further Bonus:

2GB for 3 days on every recharge of Rs50 or above.


1GB Jazz Free Internet

1GB Free on Jazz is very easy to get because this is very viral and old code. I’ve got 1GB about an hour ago writing this article. If you have never tried this code before then just dial it.
Subscription Code: *5555#
Status Code: *116# or *110#
Validity: 2 Days

Data1000MBs or 20MB

This code works for every SIM and on every Package. If it worked for one time then you can try the same code after 5 to 8 days later. 

5GB Free Internet on Jazz

I was randomly dialing codes, then suddenly I saw 5024 MBs on my mobile screen. I was shocked to see the message. If you’re also excited to get 5GB free on Jazz then dial this code. 
Subscription Code: *671# or *674#
Status Code: *671*2#
This code is to check the remaining MBs. If you dial this code for the first time on any unique SIM then you’ll be able to see the MBs. Unique SIM means, which is used in any keypad mobile, and this was never used for the Internet


Try this method, I’m sure that you’ll get 5000MBs on you Jazz SIM. If you really want to get 5GB free internet then follow these steps.

  1. Before doing anything delete internet settings (by the company) from your phone.
  2. Now grab any 2G keypad phone and put SIM in it for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes put your SIM back to your 4G handset.
  4. You’ll get 5GB+ free internet data on your Jazz on the same day.

Extra Jazz Free Internet Codes

Guys, these are some working codes for Jazz. If you are looking for code then try these codes. I have collected these codes from Facebook, and some friends. I hope that some of these will work for you. I’ll keep updating this list, so bookmark this page.

CodeData (MBs)
*291#100MBs (Unlimited Times)

Jazz Free Internet Tricks

Guys, I have told you working codes on Jazz. Now I’m going to share some tricks that are working on Jazz. If you have never tried these tricks on Jazz then try and 7GB Free on Jazz. 

Daily Jazz Free Internet

Now you can enjoy daily free internet on your Jazz SIM. Just download the JazzWorld Apk and get free MBs daily. On first sign up, you’ll get 500MB free MBs. You can enjoy the free MBs daily in this sequence.

Day 125MBs
Day 250MBs
Day 3100MBs
Day 4120MBs
Day 5150MBs
Day 6180MBs
Day 7200MBs

Invite and earn a Jazz Free Internet bonus for one day. Yes, now invite your whole family and friends by your Jazzworld Apk and get 100MB per successful invite. These bonus MBs are also like other free MBs. You can use them for one day.

Extra Tips:

  • Never turn on data when you have balance but, you are not subscribed to any internet bundle. So, if you want to use this app while you are not subscribed to any bundle when simply turn background data restriction.
  • MBs of the previous day can be used in next day before getting a new bonus. It’s a secret trick that your remaining MBs of JazzWorld will not expire on 12:00 PM.

2GB JazzMuft4G Free Internet

Yes, this trick is working now for every Jazz user. Jazz users can enjoy 2GB free internet for absolutely free. If you’ll follow the method, you’ll definitely get 2000MBs free on Jazz.


  1. Get any 3G device of Jazz. If you’ve 3G EVO then it much better. Just connect it to PC/Laptop.
  2. Put your SIM in EVO and connect to the internet.
  3. After successfully connected, load some pages there.
  4. Now put the SIM back into 4G mobile and turn on Data for just 3 Seconds.
  5. You’ll receive the message by JazzMuft4G and 111 that you’re subscribed to free Jazz 2000 internet.


Guys, I have told you some codes and tricks, that are working on Jazz. If you’ve got free internet then kindly tell us for user satisfaction. If you have any problem then also comment down. I’ll be very thankful to you.

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