Jazz Free Internet Tricks and Codes Official 2020

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Hi, Welcome to this humble website. I am sure that you are enjoying your life. But you’re searching for Jazz free internet – this means that you want more joy. So, if you came here to get free internet tricks and codes then I am sure that you’ll find some official free tricks and codes in this article. Read the complete article and understand everything to use free internet.

About Jazz.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company rebranded as Jazz in November 2015. This is doing business by providing mobile networks and internet services to Pakistani users. There are about 60 million subscribers of Jazz around Pakistan. It has 36% of the total share in the market. Mobilink and Warid are now the brand name of Jazz.

How Jazz Gives Free Internet?

If anyone from us thinks that we can make free internet tricks and codes then he is completely wrong. Because every Mobile Network Operator has its own rights and they are secured. But sometimes, to get attention and fetch users they leak or officially announce free internet.

Everyone is notified by the SMS but some people take it as they are providing these tricks by their smart minds. Some smart YouTubers make money by sharing those tricks and some make people fool.

If you have a little smart mind then it is easy to find new free internet codes and tricks. Today in this article, I am going to show you some working free internet tricks for Jazz.

Working Tricks:

These tricks are working now but if any new free internet trick comes then I’ll update this article. Keep visiting this page for any update to get free internet and other free tricks about Jazz.


1. Jazz Gifts

There is only one code that is working for free internet, free Jazz minutes, and free Jazz SMS. Just dial this code on your dialing pad and see if there is any gift for you. If there is no gift then put your SIm out for some days. After a time, check again – you’ll definitely get Jazz 1GB free internet or 700 Jazz MBs, SMS, and Minutes.

Code is: *5555#

2. Jazz New SIM Offers

If you just purchased a new Jazz SIM then don’t let the free opportunity go. Because Jazz is giving many free services to its new subscribers. Just dial this code and get 700 Jazz MBs, SMS, and Minutes for 7 Days.

Code is: *191#


Free MBs by apps means that if any app developer has contracted with Jazz to give MBs for using his app – then you can get free internet by using the app.

Once there was an app named VEON. This app gave 100MB on every successful invitation. Now VEON is banned in Pakistan due to spam. Spam means, people started exchanging invitation.

1. Jazz World

Now Jazz has launched its own app for users. Now users can manage their packages, histories, offers, balance, and all the things they want.

In the reward button, you can get rewards daily. The first day you get 25Ms and the last day you’ll reward 200MBs.

On first sign up, you get 500Mbs for 3-Days. After this, you can use the app for affairs with Jazz and get rewards daily.

Change The Slot.

For better understanding watch this video. If you don’t want to watch the video then just read these steps.


Put your 4G SIM in any 3G device or Mobile.
Get it out and put again your 4G Mobile.
You’ll get 2000MBs soon after restarting the Mobile.



Guys, I have shared all the working tricks and codes of Jazz. If any of them worked for you then kindly comment here.

Don’t forget to save this article because every new trick will be added here. You must check after a day or 2 days

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