JAZZ Free INTERNET VPN 2021 (Easy Settings File)

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Guys if you are looking for Jazz Free Internet VPN 2021 – then just find the best VPN here for your device. You can now use Free Internet on JAZZ 4G using VPN. Download OPEN tunnel, AITECH VPN or any of these VPNs. Import the Config Settings File and click on the start button. Fast speed free internet is working on Jazz for now. Do you want to use Jazz Free Facebook, check this code.

Download Open Tunnel or any of these tunnel VPNs and connect for free. These VPNs are now working free on Zong 4G and Jazz 4G. You can enjoy unlimited free internet without purchasing any package. If you are going to use this VPN  then kindly tell us what was your experience with these Free VPNs. We’ll update the article when any New VPN will release. We’re testing some more VPN, you can watch videos on our YouTube Channels.

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First of all, you’ll need a SIM with no package. You can use a hotspot or WiFi to install these VPNs and load servers on your phone. Once everything is done, you can connect to the tunnel SSH for free. Keep trying again and again if there is any issue or failure during connecting because the first time it takes time to connect successfully. Configure File (settings) are also given below the VPN you can download config for specific VPN from here.

Jazz Free Internet VPN 2021

These are some VPNs you can use on JAZZ sim to get free internet. If you have not used any VPN before then try to watch videos for better understanding. If you are an old user of VPNs and know how to use free VPN on Jazz then simply get the config file and import it into the VPN. Connect to the tunnel and start to enjoy unlimited free internet on Jazz. In case of any trouble please comment below this post.

Stark VPN Reloaded

Stark VPN, Stark VPN ReloadedChoose from our worldwide servers to reach geographically limited content no matter where you are. Stark VPN Reloaded enables you to use free internet on Jazz. StarkVPN is an easy app that creates a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your internet connection. Protect your traffic, identity, and location with one tap, browse the internet securely without compromise. Install Stark VPN.

Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File

EC tunnel Pro/Lite

EC tunnel Zong

EC Tunnel PRO, also identified as Entclass Tunnel PRO – is an available endless Proxy VPN with SSH, HTTP & SSL connections. It also shields your internet traffic when using public Hotspots / Wi-Fi or indeed your local internet service. It will also support you bypass firewalls and page checks. Moreover, you can obtain free internet access by using the built-in proxy tweaks to bypass domain/IP based restrictions/billing.

Install EC tunnel PRO

Install EC tunnel Lite

Open Tunnel

OpenTunnel Zong Free Internet

This is a tunnel SSH/VPN for Android that helps you to use SSH/WebSockets. But in some countries, you can use an OPEN tunnel to connect free internet. Some network providers are facing glitches in Pakistan and some other regions, you can use this glitch to use free internet. We are not sure how much time this will work. But for now, you can use Unlimited Free Internet on the JAZZ 4G. Open Tunnel APK and the Config File is available below to download.

How to Use OPEN tunnel?

  • Install Open Tunnel.
  • Download Setting Config.
  • Launch the App.
  • Click on the Import button.
  • Select file and Import file.
  • Tap on the Start button.
Config FileDownload
Config FileDownload
Config FileDownload
Config FileDownload

Great job, now you are using a free VPN on your Jazz SIM. If you are unable to start this VPN then try another config file. Hopefully, this VPN will help you to connect to the free internet. For some, if this is not working then try the next VPN tunnel.

HA tunnel VPN

HA tunnel, HA tunnel APK ,HA tunnel PLUS, HA tunnel Plus APK, HA tunnel APP

HA tunnel is the 1st VPN that is still working free on Zong. You can get the speed 13MBps. If you are going to use this VPN then kindly the video if you want to increase the time limit on this app. Because this is a premium VPN tunnel and provides only a few minutes to use free service.


Get it on Google Play Store and launch the app after successful installation. Now you’ll have to import the settings file. Just get the file for settings below. Choose “Multipurpose” and click to start.

HEAD http://filter.ncnd.jazz.com.pk/nc/ HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: filter.ncnd.jazz.com.pk/nc[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]


AITECH is the latest tunnel/ssh VPN for Android users to connect the best tunnel ssh/WebSockets/v2ray and other kinds of VPN. If you are looking for Jazz Free Internet VPN 2021 then try this on your phone. This is very simple and fast for some devices. If this works on your phone then you can enjoy unlimited free internet with fast speed. Tested fast speed is 9MB in villages, you can experience better than this.

How to AITECH plus?

  • Install AITECH plus.
  • Start the App and,
  • First, you’ll see the update button.
  • Click on the Update and restart App.
  • Select Jazz Free 4G in both places.
  • Make sure you don’t MBs.

Hurrah, now you can connect to the VPN by simply clicking on the CONNECT button. If you see not connected or any other issue then tries another server. This will work file after some tries.


Guys we have discussed the working free internet VPN 2021 for Jazz SIM. If you are going to try any of them, please tell us about it. We are waiting for your comment, if you are unable to start free internet then also contact us. You can also watch Videos on our Channels, this will help you to understand easily. No one is sure, how much time these VPNs will work on Jazz/Zong but we can use free Internet with the help of these VPNs for now. If you are already enjoying the free internet then kindly tell us about your VPN and settings, we’ll test and update this article. Share this information with your friends.

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