Jazz Muft 4G Code to Get 5000MBs Free

Today, I’m going to reveal the truth behind Jazz Muft 4G Code and I’ll tell you a secret trick to get 2000MBs daily. As you know that Jazz is giving 2GBs free for 1 day, and it is an unknown trick, I mean to say that no one knows how to get these MBs continuously. But I’m getting 2000MBs and 5000MBs from Jazz for Free daily. If you also want this trick then kindly read this article carefully. 

What is JazzMuft4G?

Before we go for the trick, we should clearly be aware of JazzMuft4G – I mean to say what is this and how it works. 
JazzMuft4G is an offer by Jazz. Jazz gives 2GBs or 5GBs on buying 4G mobile. But Pakistani’s I mean we – are using this as trick getting free MBs. 
From six months back – I am getting this SMS with the title of 2000MBs or 5000MBs Muft4G. For the first time, my reaction was cool and calm. 
I was thinking that this is my luck, so I got these free MBs. The same reaction was on the 2nd and 3rd time. I noticed that something I did with it, that why I am getting free MBs on Jazz. I repeated my routine and that worked for me. 

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How does it work?

Now I am going to tell you the trick to get these MBs daily on your Jazz Super 4G. It is quite easy to get this SMS daily, but you have to follow these steps carefully. When your SIM card feels the change in mobile then you’ll be given 2000MBs I mean Muft4G.
Get your SIM out off slot, and pray before you do. Now do the same as I stated.
Step 1:
Put yours in any China-made Mobile (Including all QMobiles, Club Mobiles, and some other famous Companies). Keep dialing random codes on that phone for approximately 2 minutes.
Step 2:
Now put your SIM back in your 4G smartphone and turn data for only 5 seconds. Note, turn on 4G data – I mean select LTE or 4G instead of WCDMA or GSM. You’ll get the same SMS in the next 30 seconds.
Please! try checking your MBs by these codes because sometimes SMS doesn’t reach.
Note: If the trick doesn’t work for the first time then try again – keep trying 5 times. Please! confirm that you have done everything correctly as said. Still not working? Then try changing keypad mobile I mean try any other mobile. Watch the video to understand the method.

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