Kinemaster Pro Apk Download (Media Layer Supported)

Kinemaster is a mobile video editor that provides you the full video editor on your mobile. Today, we’re going to share Kinemaster Pro Apk that supports media and many other premium features.
Are you facing No media layer supported issue in kinemaster, just download this version and enjoy multi-media layers.

Kinemaster Media Layer Supported Apk.

I have tested this version on my 5.1  Version’s Android mobile and I found kinemaster supports media layer in this Version. So, uninstall the older version of Kinemaster and install this version. This version supports many other premium features, including media layer, multilayers, effects, and many other pro features.


  • Multiple layers of videos, photos, and other media files, 
  • Create beautiful effects by its unique blending modes.
  • Do the voiceovers, voice editing, voice effects.
  • Trim, splice and crop your video as you want by its editing tools.
  • You can edit wonderful audio in this version of Kinemastar. 
  • Speed controlling and slow-motion effects are easy to make in this video editor. 
  • To animate layers, there is a rare feature called a keyframe. 
  • High-quality and HD video by this video editor. It supports even 4k. 
  • Chroma key is a remarkable feature of this video editor. This is the feature that I like about it. 



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Support them!
Kinemaster is a professional video editing software that is providing unique features to its users. But the sad thing is that the user is doing spam – If you can afford then you must buy the subscription of this video editor except doing downloading modded versions. 

I have shared the version of Kinemaster Apk that supports media layers. Don’t forget to share the article. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment box. Keep loving.


Please note that this article doesn’t promote any illegal activity. A provided version of Kinemaster is safe and secure to use. If you’ve any issue with this article then kindly tell me in the Comment box.

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