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Man Inn-Two-dimensional super fast reading comics


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June 4, 2021
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Mass content, more high-definition daily, farewell to the book shortage!

A lot of full color, easy to use, and great experience!

【National Comic Classic】

“Fights Break the Sphere”, “Wind Up Canglan”, “Monsters and Gods”, “Feng Against the World”, “The Throne of God Seal”…

【Popular Popularity】

“Xing Wu Shen Jue”, “The Cthulhu”, “Shen Wu Tian Zun”, “Famous Sword Tomb”, “One Day Becomes the King’s Daughter”…

Hot-blooded fantasy-wonderful stories, ups and downs

“Demons and Gods”: Because of a book of time and space demon spirits, time and space have been reversed. When everything starts again, the wheel of destiny slowly turns.

“Yuan Zun”: A prophecy that the meridians are locked and cannot be practiced. Carrying the hatred of the country and the family, relying on a strong will to reopen the eight veins, the family rises strongly at moments of peril.

“Xing Wu Shen Jue”: a world-shaking road of a strong man against the sky, the beauty is on his side, he cultivates the inheritance of the Xing Wu, holds power in all directions, and becomes the supreme god king!

“Hundreds of Refined Gods”: Adapted from the novel of the same name, the fantasy journey of the young Luo Zheng being labelled as a god!

“Single Walk”: greedy for the world, just for the prosperity of the world, you and I are well. If the world is not benevolent, you can only lift your sword in anger and cut out a vast universe.

The ancient style of love-not only pure love

“The Emperor’s Only Daughter”: After being reborn in another world, I became the only emperor of the Ogley Empire.

“I was hacked by the president! “: Popular idols become fat women? ! After that, he strayed into the head of the black powder tyrant? ! In order to pay off the debt, have to play the other side’s nanny and part-time intimate sister? !

“Journey in Search of Past Life”: The cause of the past life, the fruit of the future life. If you plant this cause, then no matter how many cycles you go through, you will not be able to get rid of this result.

“Wearing Back to Ancient Times to Be a National Treasure”: I didn’t expect to sigh casually, and turned into a panda, and traveled back to ancient times. However, pandas were not a national treasure in that era!

“Mystery Doctor’s Daughter”: The dual-material genius doctor traveled through the Dashun Dynasty. What is the situation of the male god of the marriage contract? The cripple who has ruined his face slams and I want to help him win the world?

【Various comic categories】

Blood, funny, comprehension, adventure, love, romance, fantasy, action, suspense, sci-fi, campus, giants, bosses, crossing, antiquity, overhead, war, competition, real people… everything.

【Super Benefits】

Weekly welfare experience, reading and chasing books more smoothly!

Daily missions can easily collect points, popular game skins and other rewards will not stop!

[Super full comic novels]

Genuine premium comic novels with rich themes, you have everything you want, and bid farewell to the book shortage!

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