What are Meta Tags and their importance in 2022

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Many other bloggers and writers told you about meta tags but today we are going to talk about what are meta tags and what is their importance nowadays.

In many social media posts and some bloggers’ posts, I have read that meta tags have no longer important.

But I think this idea is only for pro-blogger, every new blogger should take the help of meta tags for growing better in his career. Now I tell you what are meta tags.

You can use meta tags to make your blog professional and it can help you in the first step of SEO.

This is the truth that Google has no value of some meta tags but all are not finished.

What are meta tags,

Meta tags are hidden codes on your site. You can see them in the HTML view of your blog. No one can read them without knowing HTML.

These codes help search engines to find your site. Implementation of meta tags for a new blogger is very important.

These codes are located in <head meta tag </head> of your sites HTML.

If you have a bit of knowledge about HTML then you can easily put them into your site.

Important meta tags:

There are many meta tags but your site must have these meta tags. You can get all the meta tags on google but I some important tags I am going to share with you.

I am providing you the code and bit information about these meta tags.

Meta Title:

The title is an important meta tag for a site. If you want to show a good text to a search engine then implement this tag into our site, the search engine will catch the text. You can copy this code:

       <meta name=’title’ content=’you blog title’>

After making the tag you have to go to the Edit HTML section of your site.
Find the tag and paste your title tag just below it.

Meta description:

If you have a title then you have to describe that what is the purpose of your title. To describe your site and title there is a meta tag called the meta description. You can put all about your site in this tag. It is recommended to describe all of the information in 150 characters. Code is,

<meta name=’description’ content=’all about your site, in 150 character’>

Meta Keywords:

To rank your blog you have to put keywords in your blog. keywords of the blog are that hidden words which we can’t see but search engine fetch these words.
Meta keywords are a source to put those keywords on your site. Today it has not important but new bloggers should use these meta keywords to make in place in their blogger world.
Code is,

<meta name=’keywords’  content=’comma separated list of keywords’>

Meta Author:

Though this is not important, sometimes we need to put the name author. It will not be shown on pages. If you want to put the author name in the HTML of a blog then you can put it easily by using this code.
<meta name=’author’ content=’name of author’>


So, these were some meta tags for you. Meta tags are many but I told you some important to tell you the value of meta tags.

If you have any excuse or if I made anything wrong in the post then please tell me to correct that mistake.

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